The cost of bad manners

The following story has been submitted by a published author of two spanking novels, with a third on the way. The story he more

The new paddle

When I turned eight years old, my mother decided that the hairbrush she paddled my bottom with needed to be replaced with … more

Truant brought to book

My parents were strict – especially my mother. When I misbehaved she would frequently beat me on the bare bottom with her … more

Bad girls in church

Back when I was 11 years old, I spent some time on holiday with my uncle and aunt in London. During my stay, I was taken to chu… more

No longer a game

Even after a number of years, I still feel embarrassed at this memory, but at least I am in good company here on thes… more

Equality for brothers

I won’t bore everyone rigid with how I came to find the Maman website, but let’s just say I came the long wa… more

A good reason to spank

In the latter years of the 20th century, spanking as a means of disciplining children was out of favour, including in my o… more

One of the gang at last

My wife and I found the Maman site, and as a result we had quite a long conversation about spanking and read a few stories t… more

A case of honour

My parents were diplomats from Spain who would take me all around Europe throughout my childhood before finally moving … more

The American way

In 1987, I was given the exciting news that our family was to travel to Colorado. As a 12-year-old boy I automatically tho… more

Pot shots

My parents were pretty big stoners when I was growing up – they were at Woodstock, they were liberals. They didn’t … more

The missing link?

This may be a long shot, and I am not really sure where to begin. I may be completely mistaken, however there are so many sim… more

Whacks and water

After reading about school punishments in some recent postings it is time for me to come out of the woodwork and report my … more

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