Pants down in public

I was around seven or eight when Mum actually carried out one of her most heart-stopping threats. It only happened once, … more

A strict yet caring mom

I come from a large middle class Indian family, comprising my retired father, my homemaker mother, myself, my wife and s… more

Beltings from my mother

I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and before Mum and Dad split up she was the disciplinarian of the house. She believed wholehea… more

My mother the educator

I grew up in India during the 1970s, when corporal punishment, both at school and at home, was extremely common. My dad wa… more

An unfair spanking

Sometimes, when my friends and I would talk about a recent spanking, someone would say they got spanked for no good reaso… more

All downhill from there

This is all about the second and final spanking I got (alongside my cousin Johnny) from my Aunt Gracie – it happened durin… more

Swift retribution

I thought I would write and tell you about a spanking I kind of partially witnessed, some years back now, when I went round … more

The coal bunker

Back in the 1960s, seeing a parent smack a child was quite commonplace, and even in public it was not unusual to see an angr… more

Not staying put

The spanking I’m talking about here happened about 20 years ago – but I still remember it like it was yesterday.&n… more

Bottled up anger

My mom and dad have always been practising Christians, and every Sunday morning my brother and I would be dragged off to t… more

Dressed for the occasion

By the time I was 10 years old, my mother thought me too big for a spanking when I misbehaved, and so when she believed disci… more

A naked slippering

This happened to me when I was 14 years old. I used to play football and other games with two brothers who lived quite close … more

Three bottoms for mummy

I’ll always be in awe of how my mum managed to keep discipline in a home of three small boys, and yet only once (at lea… more

The timid boy

When I was a small boy, parental culture was such that for many children, the threat of a smacking – if you were very naught… more

In front of my sister

There was really only one time during my boyhood when my parents punished me severely, and it happened one summer when I w… more

A stroke of respectability

One aspect of parental discipline which is not often talked about is how some mothers and fathers deliberately tried to … more

Wetting my pants (audio)

Sometimes, the prospect of a spanked bottom proved so scary that the child in question would have an accident – somethin… more

From icy to hot

It’s currently winter here and for the first time for some years, we have very cold weather and snow. And the weath… more

Two motherly spankings

My Aunt Gracie was my dad’s older sister, by about 12 years. I had a great relationship with her and her three boys, Joseph… more

Broken window, sore bottom

I didn’t receive many spankings as a child, certainly not compare with some of my friends. Even when I was given a s… more

A taste of the slipper

I can’t recall exactly the first time my father used the slipper on my bottom, but I do recall as if it was yesterday … more

A military childhood

I was a child born in the early 60s, my father was in the military and my mum was very much a home-maker, although she did hav… more

Reckoning for shoplifter

I grew up in the 1970s and early 1980s in northern England, in a predominantly working class city. My father worked on th… more

Making a meal of it

I grew up in the 1970s in the south of England. My mother had me when she was considerably older than most mums and gave birt… more

Strictness over school work

I grew up in Malaysia. My sister and I were trained from when we were quite young to be good girls. We were both usually obed… more

Real spanking experiences

I read recently that someone doubted the truth of stories of corporal punishment experienced by girls at school beyond … more

Roasting in the kitchen

As a young boy growing up in Ireland, I was no stranger to a trip over my mum’s knee with my trousers and underpants t… more

Mum finishes it (audio)

FREE AUDIO: When Lucy and her sister squabbled as children, their mother often resorted to settling such arguments wit… more

Paint it red

From a mother’s point of view, discipline matters. I learned early on that to be too lenient with children does not pay of… more

Dressed up for a sore bottom

I don’t remember all the events of this particular incident. Mom and I were getting ready to go out for the day to see mom’s … more

The old remedy

I hadn’t been spanked for quite a few years but when I was about 15, I had quite a few months of being mouthy and disrespectf… more

Smack bottom time

I was brought up in the 1960s, when smack bottoms – as they were called then, at least in Britain – were an acceptable and co… more

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