Mirror, mirror

When I was young, my mom kept what we called ‘the spanking stick’ in a kitchen drawer. It was a polished piec… more

Go get your spanking

My most memorable spankings from mommy occurred when I was a young boy growing up in the midwest during the late 50s. Span… more

Crossing the line

My last whacking from Mum was memorable for all the wrong reasons – especially as I was no longer a schoolboy but had start… more

Smelly and me

After being married for a fair number of years, there are few secrets between a married couple. I was cruising the intern… more

A hairbrush shared

I’m in my 70s now. I grew up in the 1950s and it was a different world back then. The stories on this site make me nostalgic fo… more

Mum steps up to spank

There was a time, pre-internet, when a difficult family issue was either dealt with in-house, or maybe discussed with … more

In my mother’s care

As with most of your contributors, my fascination with spanking began when I was a child. My parents had two sons, just a y… more

Child training by Nike

My mom always wore those Nike flats that are very heavy and also served as a tool of discipline for her – she could easily re… more

A stinging pleasure

Unlike some of your correspondents, I have nothing but warm feelings (and much more besides) about the beatings my moth… more

Black belt mum

Personally, I don’t have any sexual interest in spanking, although I do occasionally smack my wife’s bu… more

A catalogue of woe

My brother Nick was (and still is) easily the nicest among my siblings. Nick is very sweet and easy-going – as a child, he w… more

Bitter oranges

When I was little, my mother sent me to my grandmother’s house to get oranges since my grandmother had a tree with t… more

No fooling around

A few years ago, my mother passed away. My father was already gone, so my siblings and I got together to clean out the house … more

Promises to God

I’d done something naughty – mom had hauled me in from play and was scolding me about it. At some point she must have … more

A public performance

I think I have described before how it was that Scottish mothers were such firm believers in maintaining order and disci… more

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