A final hurrah

I wanted to follow up from my last story from the early 1980s, when I was very nearly caned at school but instead ended up receiving a very public bare-bottomed spanking from my mum instead.

At home, Mum was very much the disciplinarian, and both my sister Emma (three years older than me) and I got regular smacked bottoms across our mother’s lap whenever we were naughty throughout our childhoods. We were therefore both well used to seeing each other’s bare bottoms.

As a young boy, I just found it funny getting to see Emma get her bum bared and taken down a peg or two. Of course, by the time I hit 11 or 12, I had other feelings too about seeing a girl’s intimate areas. Frustratingly, though, by that time Emma was getting into a lot less trouble with Mum. In fact, at the time of this story, I think it had been nearly a year since her last spanking, and I half-assumed Mum thought Emma was now too old to have her bottom smacked. However, this proved not to be the case!

One day, I came home from school to hear the distinctive sound of my mother’s raised voice in the kitchen, giving Emma a good dressing down. I stood quietly by the half open kitchen door, hoping not to be observed.

Mum was stood there with her hands on her hips, and said something to Emma to the effect that she shouldn’t think she was too old for a trip across her lap. Unfortunately, Emma made the mistake of saying something clever back and her fate was sealed. 

Looking furious, Mum grabbed Emma by the arm while simultaneously sitting down on a kitchen chair. I couldn’t believe my luck as I watched Mum, ignoring Emma’s protests, put her hands up her school skirt and with one firm tug pulled her white cotton knickers down to her knees. Emma continued to protest as Mum firmly guided her across her lap and flipped up the back of her skirt, giving me a clear view of my sister’s well-developed bare bottom. I immediately felt an erection forming in my pants.

Mum told Emma: “You’ve had this coming for some time, my girl, and if you continue to behave like a petulant child, there’ll be a lot more smacked bottoms in the future too!”

With that, she delivered the first crisp smack to my sister’s chubby pale bottom, quickly followed by a second. As Emma squealed in pain, I watched mesmerised as Mum went to work turning her child’s wobbling behind a rosy pink. She built up a steady rhythm, smacking each of Emma’s buttocks in turn, and my sister’s squeals became louder and more urgent, until finally she started sobbing and the tears came.

Mum ignored these cries and continued to smack her daughter’s bottom. It was at this point, as Emma struggled over Mum’s lap, that her thighs parted, giving me my first ever view of my sister’s vagina from behind. I was amazed at how much of her privates a girl shows when she is bent over, and my erection strained painfully in my pants.

The smacking finally ended with my sister’s bottom a glowing red. Emma hung limply over Mums lap, sobbing uncontrollably – a thoroughly chastised, naughty teenage girl. 

As Mum helped Emma up off her lap (again with the promise of more sore bottoms to come if her behaviour didn’t improve) I quietly slid back into the hallway before I was spotted. I heard a final smack and a squeal from Emma as she was told to pull her knickers back up and to stop making such a fuss.

I made my way upstairs to my bedroom, where my own trousers and underpants were soon round my ankles as I masturbated furiously to the picture in my head of my sister’s well spanked bottom and delightfully presented private parts.

That was actually the last time I saw Emma get a smacked bottom from Mum – but it was enough to start me on my way to what has been a fascination with all things spanking over the last 40 plus years.

Contributor: Ian

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