Go get your spanking

My most memorable spankings from mommy occurred when I was a young boy growing up in the midwest during the late 50s. Spanking of children was normal and expected then, and pretty much all the kids in our neighbourhood got them.

I had a sister two years my senior and we were both chastised pretty regularly, at least until age six or seven. Usually the punishment was administered immediately after the misbehaviour but sometimes it was reserved for bedtime.

In general, my sister and I weren’t allowed to watch the other being spanked, although there were some exceptions.

Often, the miscreant would be marched into my parents’ bedroom and the door closed. There, mommy would bare our bottoms and turn us over her knee. These were almost always hand spankings and although she wasn’t a large woman, she could really make our bottoms sting and we soon would be howling.

When she felt we had been paddled enough, she would put us down and send us up to our room, but would tell us not to pull our pants up until we got up there. Thus, the one who wasn’t being spanked (unless they were next in line) would get a glimpse of the damage. I might add that I’ve been fascinated with the sight of a freshly-spanked bottom ever since.

On one occasion I was caught in a lie in the morning, just as it was time to leave for nursery school. Mommy said she didn’t have time to spank me but I would be getting a good one that night.

When bedtime approached, we were sent upstairs to get ready. My sister then executed a plot to watch my spanking – she lured me across the hall to her room and kept me there until we heard mommy’s footsteps on the stairs.

Then she whispered: “Go get your spanking!” and, helpless, I bolted across the hall and made a run for my bed.

Mommy gave chase, forgetting to close the door in the process. She caught up with me right next to the bed and yanked my pyjama bottoms down to my ankles. She pinned my arms behind my back with one hand and with the other delivered a blistering paddling to my bared bottom.

My sister got to watch the whole show. Then mommy said I would be getting spanked every night until I learned my lesson.

Contributor: Charles

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