Cleaning and dirty tricks

My mother didn’t hesitate to warm the bottoms of both myself and my sister, and I fell victim to this strictness one day as we helped her clean the house.

Cristina and I had been assigned the chore of cleaning the living room (we were 12 and 10 at the time respectively), and it was then that I unwisely decided to mess around. I grabbed a handful of water from the bucket we were using and threw it at my sister, copiously wetting the dress she was wearing.

Not surprisingly, Cristina was furious at this prank. “I’m going to tell Mother what you did!” she yelled, and stormed out of the room. Sure enough, she returned moments later, with our very angry mother in tow.

”Laura, you know exactly what you did,” she told me curtly as I attempted to protest my innocence. “Wait right there – I’ll be back in a moment.” A sly smile began to spread across my sister’s face, which grew to a wide grin as Mother returned – holding the dreaded hairbrush.

I freaked out at the sight of it, pleading: “Please, Mother, please – not the brush, I beg of you!” Mother simply replied: “Over my knee – now!” I waited one more moment for the mercy that was not to come – instead, Mother simply tapped her lap with the back of the brush.

Seeing that there was no way to escape this painful fate – and with the fear of an even worse beating in the back of my head if I didn’t co-operate. I awkwardly bent over my mother’s lap, and she adjusted me until my bottom was right where she wanted it.

Then I heard her say to Cristina: “Sit down there, so you can see what happens to naughty girls in this house. Hopefully, it’ll be a lesson to you too, to behave yourself!”

With that, I felt Mother’s hand on the hem of my skirt, which was quickly pulled up my back and clear of my behind. Then my panties were pulled firmly down to my knees, leaving my bottom completely bare.

Then the spanking began. Mother’s hand was hard enough, but the hairbrush was a whole different level of pain, spreading fire quickly across both buttocks. Meanwhile, I howled like a banshee and cried my eyes out. At some point, through a smear of tears, I looked across at my sister, and it was very obvious that she was enjoying my encounter with the hairbrush a lot more than I was!

My bottom was raspberry red and felt like a swarm of bees had attacked it. Mother put me in the corner, spanked backside still on show, and I heard her say to Cristina: “If she rubs her bottom, let me know, and I’ll be back in to give her another dose.”

Of course, I dared not do any such thing, and had to suffer the burning in my bottom while my sister continued with the cleaning, all the while watching me with a big smile on her face.

Contributor: Laura

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