Arousal – and aftermath

One summer when I was 14, we took a family vacation to Niagara Falls. We stayed at a Holiday Inn and had adjoining rooms – our parents in one, and me and my two sisters in the other.

Well, me and my older sister Liz (who was 15 at the time) considered ourselves too old to go on a family trip and by the second day, we were both miserable and had major attitudes. We had a late lunch and both Liz and I were very rude to our server. At the end of lunch, I saw my mother give my dad ‘the look’. Mom took our younger sister to go and get ice cream, while my father turned to Liz and I and said : “Let’s go up to the room.”

Now, my father was a great dad – but very strict. He was a police officer and 6ft 4in tall. Once we got to the room, Dad pulled out the chair from the desk, sat down and said: “Right – you’re both getting a lickin’. Jay, you’re first.”

All spankings were given on the bare bum in our house, so I knew I had to drop my shorts and underwear and go over his knee. Now, Liz and I had heard each other get spanked many times – our rooms were next to each other, and sometimes the door of the unfortunate child would be left partially open too. However, this was the first time we had been spanked together since we were very little.

Nevertheless, over the knee I went and Dad proceeded to really tan my bum, his hand alternating the spanks from cheek to cheek. As the punishment came to a conclusion I felt my penis getting erect as it was pushed up against my father’s slacks, and when I was finally allowed up I was fully hard. I pulled my shorts up quickly but Liz had seen everything, and was gazing at my crotch, where even now a bulge betrayed my arousal.

Anyway, she went next. My sister pulled down her shorts and thong panties and similarly went obediently over Dad’s knee. I stared at her bare bottom as it went from white to pink and then red as she kicked her bare feet and really cried. After our spankings, Dad ordered us to stay in the room for the rest of the afternoon and forbade us having the TV on.

After he left, we were both lying on the beds with very sore bums – we both agreed that was probably the hardest spanking we had got. Meanwhile, I was still hard, pushing my penis into the mattress as I lay there with a smarting bottom. Liz could tell I was embarrassed about her seeing my erection because eventually she said: “Don’t worry about it – my vagina gets wet when Dad spanks me. We’re both just teenagers, I guess.”

There was a silence, then my sister gave a little giggle. “What’s so funny?” I asked. Liz replied: “Well, the rumours at school are true, then – you do have the biggest cock on the football team!” I was an early developer and from observing other guys in the showers after sports, I knew I was quite hung for my age. I guess they saw me too and talked to their girlfriends. In addition, Liz was good friends with my then girlfriend Heather, who had apparently confided in her too.

Hearing my sister talk like that almost had me come in my shorts. Liz could tell I was really aroused, because she eventually said: “Go ahead – look after it. I want to watch.” Well, I took down my shorts and started masturbating right in front of my sister. Liz had her hands down her own undies as she watched me jerk myself off. Eventually, I blew a huge load and Liz said ‘wow’ and groaned as she too reached a climax.

Nothing else happened between us on that day or since, but Liz told Heather about it, confessing how turned on she had been by the proceedings. Heather is now my wife of over 30 years and still very close to Liz. We are both spankos to this day, and raised our children the same way as we were ourselves.

Contributor: Jay

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