Hot night, hotter bottoms

One hot summer night, when I was nine years old and my sister Cristina 11, my mother took us both for a walk on the beach to help us cool down before bedtime. It was just the three of us, as my father worked nights.

We had a good time, Cristina and I, chasing each other and generally fooling around on the beach. Unfortunately, we were still up to our games by the time we got home.

It was then that I pushed my sister – Cristin tripped and ended up breaking a much-treasured glass vase of my mother’s. When she saw what we had done, Mother was naturally very angry with us. “You two are going to be given a good beating!” she yelled.

Mother grabbed Cristina and took her over to a handy straight-backed chair, where she sat and promptly put her eldest daughter across her knee. Despite Cristina’s protests and pleas, Mother took the hem of her dress in her right hand and pulled it over her child’s back, exposing her panties. These too were both taken down in short order, and I watched, both horrified and fascinated, as Mother thoroughly spanked my sister’s bare bottom, which was bright red by the time she had finished.

Eventually, she pulled the crying girl up from her lap and placed her in the corner, naked and spanked bottom still on show. Then Mother turned to me. “Your turn. Come here to me!” “Please mom, no!” I begged. Mother replied: “I’m going to count to three – and if I get there I’m going to fetch my hairbrush. One…”

I dared not let the count get any lower, so I approached my mother obediently to take my punishment. She treated me in exactly the same way as Cristina. One second I was standing, the next I was looking at the carpet with my bottom in the air. I felt Mother lift my dress and her warm hand briefly brush against my buttocks as she took my underpants down.

Then her hand began to come down time and again, stinging like a swarm of bees and covering every inch of my small boyish bottom. I screamed blue murder, but Mother didn’t stop until she was satisfied I had been sufficiently punished and my buttocks were the same shade as my sister’s.

Afterwards, I was placed in the adjacent corner to Cristina and we both spent some time in our respective spots, bottoms burning and the threat of the hairbrush if we even dared to rub our behinds.

Finally, we were sent off to bed. The stroll along the beach had cooled us down all right – but we both slept with very hot bottoms that night!

Contributor: Laura

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