The medicine

Growing up in rural Carolina in the 1970s meant a taste of ‘paddle medicine’ from the teacher for misbehav… more

Strapped for fighting

In September, I started grade one at Alexandra School. I had a big crush on my teacher, Miss Thompson, and I worked hard to … more

The coat room

When I was in second grade, I attended a school that allowed the students to be paddled. It was always done at the Principa… more

Skinned and slippered

In my junior school in the late 50s, corporal punishment was in use for various offences, by all the teachers, but the mos… more

That did it

It happened in school. And it changed my life entirely.

The teacher came into the class and she was furious. The exercise … more

Cheats chastised

In the 1970s, I attended a boys grammar school in the south-east of England. We had all the traditions of such schools – un… more

Cutting class

I was in 6th grade. The private school I went to in the late 50s believed in and practiced corporal punishment. It was what … more

Colour my world

When I was about 10, we used to have one afternoon where our form teacher would read stories to us. We would all sit around h… more

In hot water

My parents were decent people who believed in children being raised in the proper manner. We were well loved and they gav… more

Gentle reminder

Although it was long ago, I still remember my fourth grade teacher, Mrs Redman.

She was just out of college and the most be… more

Smackings in class

I went to school in England in the early 1960s, at a time when corporal punishment was very common. I was beaten quite freq… more

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