Smacked hands

I can still remember when I was in Grade One and received a slapping on my hands from my teacher. I remember that afternoon, as it was late in the day and our class was sitting around on the floor, listening to a student teacher who was reading to the class.

I guess I may have been bored, or not interested, as I was talking and carrying on with another classmate. Well, our teacher, who was in her mid-40s, was having none of that!

Within minutes, she had pulled myself and my female classmate up from the floor and stood us in front of her. I actually thought I was going to get a sound spanking from her. Instead, she took my left hand in her hand and smacked it several times. Then she took my right hand and did the same thing.

Then she turned to my classmate and did the same thing to her. Finally, she told us to go and sit down at our table and put our heads down.

Surprisingly, I think I was more humiliated by that long wait for the rest of the afternoon. And being smacked on both hands was just as stinging as if she had spanked me on the bottom.

I had seen her spank a couple of students on the bottom during that year. Even now, after all these years, I wish she had spanked me on the behind too!

Contributor: Karen

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