Forgotten homework

I grew up in South Africa, where corporal punishment was common up until a few years ago. There was a geography teacher by the name of Mrs Botha, who was very strict and often caned both the boys and girls.

On one occasion, I received my workbook back with the message: “See me!”

I duly reported to Mrs Botha after class and handed her my workbook. She checked the book and asked me why I had not done my homework. I replied that I had forgot.

“You are going to get a good hiding,” she told me. I profusely apologised, as I had once before received a hiding from Mrs Botha and it had hurt a lot. However, she was not interested in my apologies, grabbed me by the ear and firmly informed me of the following.

“You are a distinction candidate and look at the work you deliver! I’m going to give you such a hiding that you won’t be able to sit for a week! Now, bend over, young man!”

Mrs Botha then proceeded to administer five stinging strokes with her cane to my bottom. I am not ashamed to say that that I grabbed my bottom in agony and promised Mrs Botha that I would never ever forget to do my homework again.

She then told me to report to her the following day with my homework completed or I would get the hiding of my life. Needless to say, I obeyed her instruction.

Contributor: Jeremy

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