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I grew up in small southern town in the mid 70s. Our elementary school used corporal punishment, and back then it was never even given a second thought.

When I was in 6th grade, my homeroom teacher was Ms Landrith. She was nice and fun but also very serious about learning. I was a class clown, always on the edge of trouble. Once, I went over the edge. On a dare from some of the other boys, I placed a tack in her chair. I thought it was funny – but she didn’t when she sat down.

Ms Landrith went ballistic. She asked who did it – but of course I didn’t confess and no-one ratted on me. As such, she decided to interview everyone in private during recess. I then got worried – I had put the tack there in front of everyone.

My interview went as planned, however. I played ignorant. I think I said I was sleeping. She said ‘OK’, sent me out and told me to send in the next kid.

After recess, Ms Landrith called me to one side and said she needed me to stay a bit after school. Cool – maybe she had found out but I’d just have to clean the boards or such. I was wrong. I came into the classroom after everyone had left – I lived near the school, so I didn’t have a bus to catch.

She got to the point. “I know you put the tack in my chair. Then you lied to me. To be frank, you are in trouble,” she said. “I was just kidding,” I blurted out. “That stuff is not funny!” she screamed.

“Now, you can have your choice. One: go to the principal with me, get paddled, your parents will be called and – based on my conversation with your mom at the last PTA meeting – you’ll no doubt get spanked at home as well. Or, secondly, I spank you here, like I do my kids, and we let it end here. No need to get parents involved if you learn your lesson.”

I started to get teary-eyed. I babbled something of an apology. She grabbed my arm and told me to decide or get both. I told her I’d let her spank me.

She sat down on her chair and pulled me over. To my surprise, she undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees with my underwear. Since I was starting puberty, it was very embarrassing. She looked at my red face. “You have nothing I haven’t seen and I always spank on bare bottom – now get over my lap!”

I laid over her lap. She wasted no time. Smack, smack, smack, she went. I don’t know how many she gave but by the time it was over, my bottom was very sore and swollen. Finally, she let me up and comforted me. She told me that too much play can hurt others. I then pulled up my pants and went home.

I went straight to my room to hide my tear-stained face. I looked at my behind in the mirror – it was really red. I thought then she spanked too much, but with hindsight, I did become much more attentive and never got in trouble again that year. I respect her for that.

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