Girls don’t get paddled

I was raised in the rural south of the United States, when paddling was an everyday event at school. I was fascinated with the women doing the paddling for as long as I can remember. I never thought about the fact that the boys were the only ones getting paddled – until one day in sixth grade.

My teachers name was Mrs Cumbers. She was in her early to mid-20s at the time and a woman I found very attractive. She was tall, slim and dark haired, and she more often than not wore snug fitting pants that accentuated her round bottom.

On this particular day, Mike was sitting behind Charnel. Mike was your normal boy of that age and Charnel was the prettiest girl in a class of about 30 – and she knew it. As I remember it, Charnel put her feet on the back of Mike’s desk and kicked his books off. Mike turned around and in a loud voice yelled at Charnel to stop.

Mrs Cumbers immediately asked Mike what was going on. He told her that Charnel had kicked his books from his desk. She ordered both to the hall. As I watched Mrs Cumbers follow them both out, I was excited at the prospect of what might follow.

I could hear the voices of all three from the hall and then Charnel returned, followed by Mrs Cumbers. Mrs Cumbers took her wooden paddle of about two feet long and half an inch thick and walked back into the hall. She retrieved an older teacher to witness the punishment.

I could hear Mike from the hall, pleading his case. “It’s not fair. She did it – why am I getting paddled?”

Mrs Cumbers responded: “I don’t care what she did – you don’t yell out in my class. It doesn’t matter because girls don’t get paddled. Now, bend over and grab your ankles.”

With that, Mrs Cumbers proceeded to blister his butt five times with her paddle. Charnel provided commentary from her desk. “Ouch! Oh! Hmm – that had to hurt.”

When it was over, Mike walked back into the class, followed by Mrs Cumbers, both with a very different expression. Mike was sore-bottomed and crying. Mrs Cumbers, by contrast, seemed to enjoy paddling boys. This is when I discovered that boys and girls were very different, because girls don’t get paddled.

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