That summer afternoon

When I was young, it was extremely normal to receive spankings as a form of punishment. My brothers and sisters and I always knew that we would be spanked until our bottoms were black and blu – both my mother and father believed in long, hard spankings that would make a child behave better.

There is one particular spanking I recall. It was a summer afternoon, and I was playing in the back yard as usual. I was 10 years old and so far that summer, I had not received a spanking.

Mother called us in for dinner but I didn’t want to eat; I wasn’t in the mood, just happy playing. I said to my mother that I would eat later. I guess I gave her ‘attitude’ and she forced me in to eat anyway. She then explained to me that I would get three hard spanks with daddy’s belt for talking back to her afterwards. I didn’t cry, or at least I don’t remember doing so.

After dinner, mom took me to my room, pulled down my pants and underwear and made me lay across her lap. I received three hard smacks with the belt. I didn’t cry but moaned a little from the pain. She told me that she had a long day and that she wasn’t in the mood for handling a brat. My bottom stung for a little while, but it went away.

Later that night, I took a bath, got in my PJs and sat on the couch. I turned on ‘The Brady Bunch’ on TV. The show was extremely popular during that period and was by far my favourite show. It came on every Friday at 9pm.

So I was watching as normal when my mom yelled in the other room ‘turn that down!’ OK, so maybe I was a little stupid for not doing what she told me. Instead, I turned the TV up louder – and this really made mom pissed.

She came in the room, turned me on my belly and gave me a good hard whack on the butt. Then said: “You’re going to bed, young lady – you have been a naughty girl tonight.”

That sentence made me really mad. I mean, I always watched the show, every Friday! Also, it was only 9pm! I put up a major fight with her, demanding that I watch my show and that she be quiet about it. Well, mom didn’t like this one bit.

“You can stay up 10 more minutes,” she said. “But mom…” I whined. “OK then, naughty girl, you will spend your last 10 minutes getting a spanking!” “No mom! Please, I’ll be good and go to bed right now!”

She grabbed my wrist, pulling me up from the couch. Holding me by the hand, she led me into her bedroom. She pulled something out of the dresser. It was the thick paddle she used only on my older brother. She said that I was becoming older and that now I should get the ‘big girl’ paddle. Did I mention that this paddle had holes drilled into it?

She then sat on her bed. I knew exactly what to do, so I got over her lap. She ripped my PJs and panties down. “This will be the hardest and longest spanking you ever got!” she said. She began spanking, spanking, spanking and more spanking.

I was now crying like a baby. The holes in the paddle really made my bottom sting worse than ever before. She really did spank me for 10 whole minutes. I knew she would spank me until my cheeks were red, black and blue – and she did, of course.

Contributor: Sarah

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