Disrespect earns a sore bottom

My sixth grade teacher, Miss Anne Faron, was so beautiful that I had a crush on her.

At the end of each day, she would dismiss the class and as you walked by her, she would say ‘goodbye’ or ‘have a nice day’ to each student. They would respond with ‘goodbye, Miss Faron’ or something similar.

I, however, called Miss Faron by her first name as I walked past. After about the third day of this, my mom received a phone call from my teacher, informing her of my disrespect.

Mom tore me off a strip and said that if she heard that I’d been disrespecting Ms Faron again, I would not be sitting comfortably for a week. I was also made to verbally apologise to my teacher.

However, about two weeks later, I raised my hand in class and said: “Anne, may I get a drink of water?” The whole class laughed, and I thought it was great that I did it.

At the end of the day, Miss Faron handed me an envelope addressed to my mom. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it contained a note informing my mom that once again, I had shown disrespect.

When Mom read the note, I was ordered to my room. Mom followed right behind me, and she told my sister to get the paddle from the top of the fridge (where it was usually kept) and bring it to her.

I was made to bare my bottom and lie across Mom’s knee. After a few dozen hand spanks I was already in tears – but by the time the paddle finished falling on my bottom, I was a sobbing mess.

That evening, I was made to write Miss Faron a formal letter of apology. By the way I sat tenderly the next day, everyone in my classroom – including Miss Faron – could tell that my mother had made good on her promise.

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