A quick dip

I grew up in Florida in the late 70s. At this point in time, spankings were not expected but still common. I was in the 6th grade and had never been spanked before.

Our school had a small pool used for gym class. It was made perfectly clear that we could never use it without having permission. Late April is terribly hot in Florida and the gym teacher (who was the only certified lifeguard in the school) was out for the day.

We knew we were not allowed to use the pool but a few of us decided to take a quick dip during our recess anyway. Besides, we all had our bathing suits – we didn’t know the teacher would be out.

So me, my best friend Bob, Chrissy (the most beautiful 6th grader in the world) and Jenn (who Bob had a crush on since 4th grade) went swimming. Then we heard the bell ring for the end of recess.

We all frantically tried to dry off and head for class when Ms Thomas entered the room screaming about how irresponsible we were (I guess someone in the class ratted us out). She told the girls to go downstairs, adding that she would be down there to ‘deal with them in a minute’.

Bob and I stood there, knowing the inevitable was coming. I was first to go. Ms Thomas had me in a very embarrassing position – she sat in the lifeguard’s chair (very high, so classrooms of kids may have seen, I still don’t know) and ordered me to climb up, which I did.

I lay face down across her knee, knowing a spanking on the seat of a wet bathing suit would hurt. Then she told me to lift my hips. I did as she asked and without warning, she pulled down my trunks and told me how bad I had been.

She placed her hand on my tush as if to size me up and made me wait for the first spank. All of a sudden, I began to feel her strong hand against my soft bottom. I soon began to kick and scream. I kicked so hard that my bathing suit fell off my ankles and into the pool.

After about 25 hard smacks, she asked me if I learned my lesson. Of course, I said ‘yes ma’am’ and I was allowed down. I scampered down the steps and into the pool to retrieve my suit.

I didn’t even have the courage to watch Bob get his punishment – and I never talked to Chrissy or Jenn again.

Contributor: Paul

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