That’s torn it

This story happened when I was in the third grade. We had just moved from Atlanta to south Georgia, and Mrs Dixon was my new teacher.

We were at recess playing tag. I had been tagged, so it was my turn to be the person to tag people. I was chasing the other boys and reached out to tag a friend when I accidentally grabbed his shirt and it tore. Mrs Dixon saw what happened and thought I had torn the shirt on purpose. She grabbed me by the arm and took me to the principal’s office.

We entered the office. Mrs Dixon escorted me into the room where children went when they were sick. She told me to stay in the room while she went to call my mother. Mrs Dixon then left the room, shutting the door. As I sat on the bed, I started wondering what was going to happen to me when she came back.

I didn’t have to wait long, as Mrs Dixon and Mrs Allen (the principal) came walking back into the room. Mrs Dixon told me she was not able to get a hold of my parents but they would find out about what happened. She told me to stand up and lower my pants. I stood up and started to take my pants off.

I saw Mrs Dixon take a little paddle (paddleball type) from a filing cabinet. She took the chair out of the corner and placed it in the middle of the room and sat down, then told me to bend over her knees.

As I walked over to her, I started crying and begged her not to paddle me. I tried to tell her that I didn’t mean to tear my friend’s shirt, that it had been an accident. Mrs Dixon was not hearing it, and she grabbed me by the arm and laid me over her lap. She then proceeded to paddle my bottom (underwear still on).

From the very first spank, I knew I was in real trouble. Mrs Dixon paddled me going from one cheek to the other. She spanked me for over five minutes – I know, because I remember right before the first spank looking at the clock above me.

When she had finally stopped paddling me, Mrs Dixon raised me up and told me to put my pants back on and stand in the corner. She and Mrs. Allen left the room, leaving me to rub my bottom and cry.

After ten minutes, Mrs Dixon came back and told me to follow her back to class. When we got there, she handed me an envelope, and told me to give it to me parents and bring it back signed. I found out later that it was a note to my parents telling them about the shirt and me getting paddled. I know, because I received a hairbrush spanking from my mother that night for getting paddled at school.

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