Watch and learn

The one and only spanking I received at school was in the fourth grade. I had a very stern teacher, Mrs Price – an old fashioned educator who took no lip from her students. I was doing badly in her class and then for some unknown reason, I decided to take a watch from another student.

During a break, I ran back to the classroom and stole the watch, thinking I was very slick and not going to be caught.

Wrong! The girl looked for her watch and then told Mrs Price. I was not expecting the whole class to look for the watch and then – a shocker – Mrs Price called on the first student in the first row to stand up. She said: “If the watch is not in the room, then it is in someone’s clothes.” Mrs Price told the student to remove her shoes. The girl was crying and it was clear Mrs Price was going to search each of us.

She had all the students take out everything from their pockets, and then searched the desks. It was about an hour before my turn came around and she found the watch. I was told to stay where I was, in front of the class, as she lectured me.

I hung my head as she had all the students that were humiliated searching for the watch to see what happens to thieves. I was told to turn around and bend over her desk. I then felt my shorts being lowered to my ankles and then the sting of the paddle as it landed on my fanny. I shot up and yelled but Mrs Price grabbed my arm and held me in place while she landed about five or six licks to my bottom.

I tried to get away and jumped and screamed, tears falling down my face. After about five more licks, Mrs Price let me go but told me to stand in the corner with my shorts down, and stay there until I was under control. I didn’t want to turn around and go back to my chair – all the kids were looking at me as I did.

That year, with my failing grades, I didn’t pass.

Contributor: Vince

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