Bare bottom rules

When I was about eight years old my mother became very involved in a local conservative church, Unfortunately for me, the church also ran its own private school through the sixth grade.

Since I seemed to always be getting in trouble in the public school system, my mother enrolled me in the more conservative and structured environment of the Christian Academy.

I knew my life was going to change when I met the headmistress, Miss Sams. After welcoming me and my mother to the school, she looked over my progress reports for my first three years in school and got very serious. She told me bad behaviour at her school wasn’t accepted.

She then handed me and my mother a three-page print-out of school rules and procedures. At least four times in the document, the words ‘bare bottom spanking’ appeared.

I couldn’t believe it. I certainly wasn’t a stranger to bare bottom spankings at home, but surely my mother wouldn’t allow somebody else to punish me in that way? My mother, on the other hand, couldn’t have been more pleased.

I couldn’t believe somebody as pretty as Miss Sams would be involved in such things. The little boy crush I had developed on her when I first walked into the room was long gone.

What scared me even more was her rule that she was the only person at the school permitted to administer the spankings, but the office assistant was required to witness the spankings for legal purposes. I convinced myself that I simply would have to stay out of trouble.

And I did for the first three days. Then I lost my English homework and talked back to my teacher when she asked about it. I was quickly sent to the office, where I sat for what seemed to be forever.

When I finally made it inside Miss Sams’ office, she chatted to me about showing respect and being prepared for class. I actually thought I was going to be let off with a warning.

Then, out the blue, she buzzed her assistant to come into her office. Her assistant had just finished high school a couple of years early, but we were still required to show her the respect of an adult.

Miss Sams then reached into her desk and pulled out a worn paddle. I started crying immediately. Miss Sams told me to put my hands on the desk and to leave them there. She then unbuckled my pants and slid them to my knees. Seconds later, she pulled my underwear down just past my bottom – but far enough to give her a clear target and her assistant a clear view of everything.

After five hard swats, it was over. She pulled my pants back up and her assistant left without saying a word. Miss Sams then picked up the phone and dialled my mother at work.

When I got home, I got spanked again. It took until the next day for my bottom to totally cool down.

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