Bath brush

When I was little, I got many spankings, all on my bare bottom. One day, I had been particularly bad, so my mother decided that she would spank me herself, instead of letting my father do it.

My mother rarely spanked me, as my father was in charge of spanking me. This day was different. I was made to lie on my bed, on my stomach, and then she pulled down my pants.

Before I turned over, I saw what she was going to spank me with. It was a wooden long-handled bath brush. At first I protested, and wouldn’t turn over, but she turned me over herself and went to work on my bare bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! I lost count of how many smacks she applied to my increasingly red bottom. I couldn’t sit for quite a while after that spanking, and my father went back to being the only spanker of my bare bottom. That’s another story – which involves my bare bottom and a well-placed leather belt.

Contributor: Jennifer

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