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The coal bunker

Back in the 1960s, seeing a parent smack a child was quite commonplace, and even in public it was not unusual to see an angr… more

Not staying put

The spanking I’m talking about here happened about 20 years ago – but I still remember it like it was yesterday.&n… more

Bottled up anger

My mom and dad have always been practising Christians, and every Sunday morning my brother and I would be dragged off to t… more

Comforted by my sister

I was the ‘afterthought’ of our family – a boy born to my mum 12 years after the youngest of her two girls. By t… more

Dressed for the occasion

By the time I was 10 years old, my mother thought me too big for a spanking when I misbehaved, and so when she believed disci… more

Play the game

By the time me and my best friend Gavin were 12 years old, I think it had been some years since either of us had been put over t… more

Before the spanking

When I was in college, I worked part time as a night supervisor at a local motel to earn some money. My shift generally ran f… more

A very motherly spanking

I remember everything like it was yesterday. It was spring and I was eight years old. It was another long weekend of my sta… more

A different fate

I think I would be about six, in my second year of primary school in the UK, and this was the mid-70s. As I mentioned in an earmore

Mothers Talking: Anne-Laure

At the time of this interview, French single mother Anne-Laure was 27 and living on the outskirts of Lyon with her two chi… more

A naked slippering

This happened to me when I was 14 years old. I used to play football and other games with two brothers who lived quite close … more

Mrs Tranter (audio)

Alan remembers a highly embarrassing incident from when he was fostered out as a young boy, and was given a bath and a bare … more

Three bottoms for mummy

I’ll always be in awe of how my mum managed to keep discipline in a home of three small boys, and yet only once (at lea… more

Slippered into obedience

I guess you could say I was quite a spirited young girl – although I’m sure that at the time at least, my parents woul… more

Caned by the nuns

I attended an Irish Catholic primary school in the 1960s – all the teachers were nuns and discipline was strict – you coul… more

Ladies’ laps

I grew up in the 1980s, a time when spankings for kids were beginning to wane in popularity but were still common enough th… more

The timid boy

When I was a small boy, parental culture was such that for many children, the threat of a smacking – if you were very naught… more

In front of my sister

There was really only one time during my boyhood when my parents punished me severely, and it happened one summer when I w… more

The inevitable effect

When I was 15, I dated a teenage girl named Emma. She came from a very strict household, where spankings were routinely ha… more

The rude remark

My family was very strict – us children were expected to be respectful, and it was made very clear what would happen if we w… more

The Doctor Game (audio)

Gina recalls how the innocence of a childhood game took on a new dimension as she and two playmates approached puberty – a… more

Naimh and the magazine

By the time I was 18, having been brought up with frequent spankings from my mother, I was a confirmed fetishist. Now I was … more

The three women

By the time I was 12 years old, I had already developed a spanking fetish. In addition, I also had a big thing for womenR… more

Big and little spankings

Once, when I was eight years old, I was very disobedient to my father in front of the neighbours. Although I now can’… more

Streaking and my sister

When I was about nine, my 17-year-old sister caught me streaking in the backyard. She gave me two options: either she wou… more

The Doctor Game

When we were all around nine or 10, my friends Melissa and Ashley and I took to playing something we called The Doctor Game… more

A really sore bottom

When I was nine and still in primary school in England during the 1950s, one winter Friday we had a massive fall of snow dur… more