Less talk

When I was a schoolgirl, corporal punishment was quite normal for naughty girls. At home, it would be a spanking by hand, … more


When I was 15 years old and in high school, I had a mathematics teacher named Gertrude, who was very strict. She was a tall b… more

Over the sofa

A few years ago, when my children were young, we had a friend who had two daughters. These girls were the same age as my own k… more

The check-up

I was only about five or six as I recall, and I was going to the doctor for check-up. I believe I was supposed to receive some … more

Buzzing bottom

I was raised in Texas and my mother always had a plastic flyswatter that she applied to my bottom from as young as I can reme… more

An accident

I was around seven years old and I had been bored all day. My mom asked if I wanted to go to the store. I told her ‘yeah&… more

Sink or swim

Mother was the disciplinarian in our household of three children. My brother was three years older, and my sister three … more


I got my most remembered spanking at the end of my first day in second grade. When mommy drove up in the van to pick me up afte… more

Over to mom

When I was growing up, mom seldom spanked me. It’s possible she did when I was younger but by the time I was eight or s… more

Promises to God

I’d done something naughty – mom had hauled me in from play and was scolding me about it. At some point she must have … more

Sore daughter

I was an only child in a middle class family. My parents weren’t particularly strict, but believed in a firm set of … more

Knicker thief

People who grew up in Scotland will probably remember that the idea of a boy wearing school knickers, while not an everyd… more

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