Tina’s regime

I have already related how my sister Tina smacked my bottom for rummaging through her underwear drawer. Now, I would like to tell you about how she came to be even more intimately involved in my day-to-day discipline, administering regular corporal punishment.

It was during the summer, and for some reason most of our relatives were away – which was unusual for our largish family. Anyhow, my mum was on a refresher course for work in London and for some reason my dad had to go away for a couple of days.

Dad arranged for one of our aunties to drive over to our house once a day – the rest of the time, Tina would be in charge. This was just after the first time she had spanked me, so I was anxious, though I didn’t think it would happen again. Dad spoke to both of us very seriously, and said Tina had permission to tell me what to do. Any disobedience, and I would be in big trouble.

Our aunt was there when my dad left in the afternoon and stayed until around 8pm, when I went to bed. Tina was about 15 by then and stayed up later. I heard Auntie Sandra leave when it was just going dark, around nine. I was still awake and watching the road outside, with the window open and the warm, silent air moving the curtains.

A few minutes later, Tina came in and sat on my bed. She looked at me and said that she would be very strict with me, and that it would start now. I protested but she threatened to call to Auntie Sandra or even Dad. I was in a helpless position.

Tina told me she had devised a punishment regime. For minor things, I would get a spanking over her knee with her hand. For medium transgressions, I would be slipped and for serious things, I would be caned over her desk. She would decide each evening and lunch time what I deserved.

“Starting now with not being asleep, and arguing.” she said, briskly. “That’s one small punishment” My sister took me into her room, sat on her chair and told me to take off my pyjama bottoms. I then had to bend over her lap and she spanked me with her hand 12 times.

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