Tina’s underwear

I was 10 and it was the start of the Christmas holidays. The weather was foul and I was bored because my friends weren’t able to ‘play out’ that day. My sister, then 14, was ‘in charge’, as my mum would put it. Usually I took no notice of this authority, instead just keeping out of her way.

I couldn’t stand the boredom any longer so I began to hunt for my Christmas presents. Initially, I sneaked into my parents’ bedroom (it was usually a safe bet they would be there) and looked in all the usual places. Not finding anything, I went from room to room.

My sister was downstairs, playing a new record she had bought over and over again, so I went into her room as the only place I had not searched. Finally I got round to looking into her drawers, most were full of girlie junk but the bottom one contained her underwear.

Being curious, I looked through it, checking out what this lacy stuff was. I could feel a funny feeling in me, and knew I was looking at something naughty. Just then I heard a small cough.

Tina was standing there – and had been watching me for some time. She went ballistic. I tried to explain but she wouldn’t listen and said that she would tell mum. I pleaded, so she gave me the option that she could punish me. I agreed, as the other option seem too bad to contemplate.

I agreed to be spanked twice, once that day and once the next. I felt Tina enjoyed the power she had over me. She sat down on the chair, pulled my underpants down and put me over her knee. I don’t know how many I got, just that it went on for ages, after which I had to kneel in the corner. For about an hour or so, she would pick up implements (plimsolls, hairbrush etc) and smack me occasionally.

The next day, once my mum had left for work in the afternoon, Tina called me up to her room. This time I was bent over her dressing table. She then told me I’d get six of the best while she theatrically swished a cane from dad’s shed. I remember screaming but nothing else until the end, when she left me there.

This wasn’t a one-off incident. Not long after this, my sister got the chance to discipline me regularly – but that’s another story.

Contributor: Jaycee

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