I am reminded of an incident that took place when I was 13 years old and in the seventh grade. The biggest movie craze at the time was that of Flashdance. However, as it was a rated R-rated movie, I was not allowed to see such films until I was of proper age. Although I had made several attempts to convince my parents otherwise, they would hear nothing of it. It was a rule with all my siblings and would not be changed on my account.

I had gone one night to spend the night with my girlfriend whose older sister was going with her friends to the movies. Reluctantly, she agreed to take us along. I thought how this would be my lucky break into the film of all films! When questioned whether this would be OK with my parents, I shrugged it off, saying it was fine. So I saw the movie and certainly didn’t feel it was something I couldn’t handle at the time.

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