When I was eight, I used to have supper with my little sister and our babysitter. One afternoon, for some reason, the sitter was really on my case, and to make things worse I was in a bad temper myself.

We were having dinner in the kitchen, quite early, when the sitter mentioned something about me not being allowed to watch any TV that night since I hadn’t done my homework properly. I was really mad.

To the right of where I was sitting was a large bag of unpeeled, raw potatoes. I was so made at the announced sanction that I picked up several potatoes and began hurling them at my sitter, one after another and quite hard. By the time I was through, I had thrown maybe 20 or 30 of them.

Not surprisingly, my sitter was really mad. Before I knew what had hit me, she came around the table, picked me up under her arm and slid her hand inside my pants, grabbing the seat of my underpants and pulling them quite high, as she took me out of the kitchen pronto.

Bringing me to my room, in two seconds flat she took me over her knee, immediately stripped me of my shorts and undies and gave me a really sound bare bottom spanking, so hard that I was crying loudly.

I was in such a state afterwards that the sitter took me to the bathroom, turned on the cold water in the shower and placed me underneath it, half dressed, to calm me down.

I’ll never forget this incident. And although my sitter was really quite strict, I really grew quite attached to her and was sad when she left.

Contributor: Anthony

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