The whipper

When I was little, my parents were very, very big on spankings. My dad would usually take me to his room and give me a good whipping with the belt. My mother rarely hit me. However, I do remember her doing so on one memorable occasion.

When I was 10, I got an ‘F’ on my report card. My dad was away on business and my mom told me that I had the choice of waiting till my dad got home to get spanked, or she would punish me herself. I knew that if I waited my dad would come home and whip the skin off of me with his belt, so I told her she could punish me.

I never thought she would spank me! She made me go to her room, stand in the corner and wait for her while she went to get ‘the whipper’. I stood there terrified that my mother was going to come back with the wooden spoon.

She had gone downstairs and got the whipping belt. Then she took a broom and tied the belt to it. When she came back in the room, I was already screaming. She made me strip and lie naked on the bed, then she whipped me. I had to eat dinner standing up, it hurt so much.

When my dad came home, Mom told him what had happened. He reached across the table, grabbed my arm, turned me around, grabbed the spoon and hit me with it. Then he took me to the basement and hit me again with the whipper.

Contributor: Jackie

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