As I was growing up, I received many spankings. The one I remember the most happened was when I was six years old.

I had a friend over to stay and we had been sent to bed at about 8pm. By around nine we were both still wide awake, and we decided to sneak downstairs and get ourselves something to eat. As we entered the kitchen, my mum happened to walk in.

She was furious, as I had always been taught not to be ‘sneaky’. She ordered us both to get up to my room and wait for her. I knew what was going to happen and I became a little frightened.

After what seemed like a long time, my mum came into the room, holding a hairbrush in her hand. I started to cry but she just ignored me. She went and sat on the end of my bed and ordered me to go and stand in front of her. She told me that what I did was wrong and I was going to be punished for it.

Mum told me to pull down my panties and pull up my nightie. She then laid me across her knees and proceeded to smack me, at first with her hand. This really stung. She smacked both checks equally hard.

After several hard smacks with her hand, she picked up the hairbrush and gave me six hard smacks with the hairbrush on each cheek. By this time, my bottom was on fire and I was really crying.

When she had finished she stood me up, pulled up my panties and pulled down my nightie.

Luckily for my friend, my mum decided that she would spare her a spanking, although she did give her quite a scolding. She sent us both to bed and told us she did not want to hear another sound from us until morning.

My friend was really frightened but she soon fell asleep. I found it difficult to go to sleep. I knew that after mum gave me a spanking, she would generally leave me for a while, then come up, give me a hug and tell me she hoped I had learned my lesson. She did this that night as well. I would always say I had and believe me, after the embarrassment I felt that night, I made sure I didn’t do anything that would earn me a spanking when I had friends over to stay!

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