Out with baby brother

I was spanked a great deal as a child but unfortunately have forgotten nearly all of them in any specific detail. However, I do remember one quite vividly.

I am five years older than my younger brother and was quite proud of him when he was born. So proud, in fact, that I took him out of the house in his carriage when my mom wasn’t looking.

I took Eric all over the neighbourhood and showed my many adult friends how cute he was. They all questioned whether it was OK for me to be out with him but I just said it was and moved on, while feeling more and more trepidation.

Finally, I reached home and there was quite a crowd there. We had a very protective neighbourhood and neither I nor my brother was ever in any real danger – but there on the porch stood my mom, a paddle in her hand, along with my older brother (smirking, of course) and several neighbours. Naturally, none of them chose to leave when we reached the porch.

Mom scooped Eric up and cooed over him and all, making sure he was OK. Then she took me by the arm and dragged me inside. Mom had given me a few swats before this and maybe once or twice with her hand on my bare bottom.

But now she took my pants and undies down and took up the big paddle. I knew everyone on the porch could hear. Mom used that big paddle on my bare bottom hard! She spanked me until my bottom was bright red, lecturing me the whole time. I was weeping and wailing by the time she was done.

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