Wetting Aunt Kathy

When I was four and a half, I spent a few days at my Aunt Kathy’s. Dustin, my five-year-old cousin (not Aunt Kathy’s son) was also visiting her during that time. She didn’t have any children of her own but she ran a daycare, along with another lady.

One afternoon, we were all outside – along with the kids from the daycare – when Dustin and I decided to go off and look at the pool two houses down from my aunt’s. We walked along the edge of the pool, sticking our hands in without anyone watching us at all.

At least, we thought that we were alone. It was only a matter of minutes before we heard Aunt Kathy’s voice. “Both of you get your little fannies back to the house, this minute!” she yelled. As we walked by her, she whacked each of us on the seat of our pants. You never saw two little boys run so fast as Dustin and I did back to the house that day.

“Watch the kids for a few minutes. I need to put some blisters on these two little behinds!” Aunt Kathy told her partner, and then grabbed Dustin and I firmly by our arms and hauled us inside.

Dustin and I were taken off to her bedroom and Aunt Kathy took a wooden, oval hairbrush from her dresser. She sat down in a chair and yanked down Dustin’s pants and underwear.

No sooner than she had him over her knees did she begin to spank his bare bottom with the hairbrush. He kicked wildly, and I’m sure his screams could be heard down on the next block. She really laid into him long and hard. Finally, she lifted him off her knees and he immediately curled up on the bed, clutching his crimson-red bottom as he screamed.

Aunt Kathy then pulled me up to her. I had just seen her severely spank Dustin’s bottom and I was scared to death. She quickly had my pants and undies down around my ankles and then I was laid across her lap. She began to spank my little, bare bottom with the hairbrush and I began to scream with all my might. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt.

She spanked me just as severely as she had Dustin – the only difference was when she lifted me off her knees, her lap was soaked. The spanking hurt so much that I had lost control and peed on her lap.

“You naughty little boy!” she said, grabbing me and giving me ten smacks on my bare bottom with her hand. I was really howling then.

Aunt Kathy left me and Dustin on the bed, sobbing loudly. We began to calm down, and when she returned she had changed her wet clothes. In her hand was a large, enema bag. Dustin had pretty much stopped crying and she pushed his knees to his chest and began to lube him with a finger. She gave him an enema, took him to the bathroom, and then dressed him.

She then lubed my bottom, gave me my own enema, and took me to the bathroom. After I’d used the toilet and expelled the enema, she gave me three more smacks, which got me crying again.

“If you’re going to wet like a little baby, that’s how you’re going to be treated!” she said. She oiled and powdered my bottom and front and then put me in Pampers, which I had to wear for the rest of my stay there.

I never gave my Aunt Kathy another reason to punish me again.

Contributor: James

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