My sister’s panties

When I was just a sprout of about eight, I really started noticing my sister’s underwear was different than my own. This was in the 50s, when girls of about 12 or so started wearing ‘big girl’ underwear.

For one thing, hers had no flap in the front and felt like silk, althought they were really probably nylon or acetate. I was also fascinated with her petticoats, which were very full, very frilly and very ‘girlish’.

One day, when my sister wasn’t home, I snitched a pair of her panties. They were pink, with lace across the bum – they later called them rhumba panties. I felt them for a while and decided to feel what they felt like on, so stripping off my trousers and underpants, I put them on. They were too big, but not awfully so.

I admired myself in the mirror for a while and then fell on the bed, giggling to myself. I started bouncing up and down while laying face down! After a while, I got a real good feeling ‘down there’ – I believe I actually had an orgasm although of course there was no ejaculation, just a great feeling). In my childish mind, I attributed this feeling to the panties.

So I proceeded, for the next few years, to purloin my sister’s panties and those of my friends’ sisters whenever I could. I also progressed from wearing just the panties to ‘dressing up’ whenever I had the chance. I got rather bold, since I appeared to be getting away with it!

About the time I was 11, my mum and sister were going shopping and I was to be left alone for a few hours. When they had left, I immediately went up to the attic (where my collection was hidden) and – I remember this like it was yesterday – I put on a pair of blue lacy panties, a petticoat and a white dress that used to belong to my sister. I then went back downstairs to play in the living room for a while before attending to other matters.

My good fortune ran out that day – mum had forgotten her purse and just as I got to the bottom of the landing, the front door opened and in she walked with my sister. It’s hard to say which of us was the more surprised!

My sister gave me the strangest look but mum grabbed me by the neck and dragged me out onto the porch (I fought her all the way, to no avail). She proceeded to bend me over the porch rail and flipped up my skirts, showing my little panties. She gave the most exasperated sound and started to paddle my bum with her hand. After a few minutes, she told my sis to get her the strap. Now, I don’t know if any of you have been struck with a razor strap, but it ain’t fun!

She practically melted the material of those panties with that strap, with me screaming and carrying on. “I only have one girl in this house!” Mom was yelling. Meanwhile, I had gotten to the point where the spanking no longer hurt and weirdly started to feel good. I was getting quite excited by all this and it was probably on that day that I became a devout ‘spankophile’.

Thank God, there were few neighbours on our street and I didn’t know any of them, as they had no children! My sister, meanwhile, was giggling and started to laugh at me. Mom was so mad that she didn’t stop to think and had me stand by the wall while she proceed to flip up my sister’s skirts and show her panties (flowered ones) and started to spank her too, saying: “You think this is funny? I’ll show you its not funny!”

Wow! A real girl’s bum in panties right in front of me! OK, it was my sister, but it was a real bum in real panties! It was almost more than I could stand! Anyway my sister got real mad at me because she got a spanking and to make matters worse, she said she was going to tell all my mates at school that I was dressed up as a little girl, and wearing panties. I begged her not to and we made a deal – she wouldn’t tell but would get to spank me some time in the future!

After a year went by, I forgot all about it and continued to wear girl’s clothes whenever I was sure I wouldn’t get caught. I hid them out in the large storage shed at the back of the house. It had two storeys and was quite old so no-one but me went up to the second level!

Mom, I thought, had quite forgotten the whole cross-dressing incident after I apologised and told her I just wanted to see what it felt like to wear all those frilly clothes! I guess she just wanted to believe me.

One Friday afternoon, when I got home, I discovered I was alone. There was a note from mom saying she would be ‘quite late’ and so would Judith. my sister. I decided to go to the shed and play. I dressed and proceeded to do the things I would do, and was really lost in my own world when I heard a noise behind me – it was Judith.

“I th-thought you w-were gonna be l-late,”, I stammered! “Practice was called off,” she said with a smirk, “and now it’s time for you to honour your part of the deal. I’m going to spank you, just like momma.” “Please, no!” I begged. “I’ll do anything else you want but please don’t spank me!”

Well, begging didn’t help and she made me go back to the house with her, where she got the strap and proceeded to whale my bum until I was screaming like a banshee. I was making so much noise that neither of us heard the front door open.

It was our nearest neighbour, Mrs Smyth. She had heard me screeching and thinking I was alone, came to check. She was flabbergasted. Here was a red-faced boy of 12, wearing a dress and panties, being spanked by a much larger girl of 16 who happened to be his sister, wearing a dress that was far too small for her (it was last year’s and she had grown some) so that every time she bent forward her panties were showing.

“Stop that!” Mrs Smyth yelled. Sis, who until then hadn’t noticed her, jumped about a foot in the air and spun around at the same time, giving me a lovely view of her panties. However, I was in no shape to enjoy it at the time. I think she was intent on literally seeing if nylon would melt if enough friction was applied to it! I jumped up also and both of us said ‘Mrs Smyth!’ at the same time, as if this were a very astute observation!

I was trying my best to shrink into the carpet, wishing my clothing was a bit more masculine in appearance, and trying to pull up my very non-masculine panties at the same time!

“What in the name of the Lord is going on here?” Mrs Smyth asked, looking back and forth at us. Meanwhile, I had got my panties up but unfortunately was in an excited state and the dress got caught in the waistband of the panties, so it was quite noticeable!

“I am going to have to tell your mum about this!” she yelled. “Now, both of you go stand in different corners.” She would brook no arguments, and the strap was clearly visible there on the floor!

Well, about an hour later, mum came home and of course the first thing she saw was a grim-faced Mrs Smyth, and her daughter and son (in drag) standing in the corner.

Mrs Smyth gave mum her impression of what had happened. She said it wasn’t just a spanking, it was something sexual and perverted and dirty and…here she ran out of adjectives. By then, both sis and I were crying, knowing we were going to die – whether from embarrassment or from being thrown in the nearest rock quarry!

Mum and Mrs Smyth talked for a while in low tones so we couldn’t hear. Mum then told us to both come over, which we did and she asked us what was going on! She appeared entirely too calm. We both started to speak at once, saying we weren’t doing anything dirty, and tried to explain about the promise I had made – knowing we were making things worse but not knowing how to fix it!

At that, Mrs Smyth piped up: “How do you explain the fact that you were all excited, then?” “Shut up, you old biddy,” I thought but didn’t say. “Yes, how do you explain that, little girl?” my mum asked.

Now, do any of you know how embarrassing it is to explain to three females – one a neighbour, one your sister and the other your mum – that you get excited wearing girls clothes? I didn’t mention that getting spanked by a pretty young female while wearing those clothes was absolute heaven – especially since the female in question was a very close relative.

After mum listened to us carry on for a while, she observed: “Well, we’re getting nowhere with this. Mrs Smyth, would you care to take a hand in the handing out of discipline?” Mrs Smyth agreed, and it was decided that she would use her hand on me (maybe they felt sorry for me) and mum would use the strap on Judith.

Judith was pushed over the arm of the settee and her dress was flipped up. I was in the same position but over Mrs Smyth’s knee. Looking right at my sister’s panty-covered bum, she got hers while I got mine! I soaked my panties – Mrs Smyth didn’t say anything but she noticed! How I found out she noticed is another story.

I still loving dressing up. No, my sister never got a chance to spank me again. Yes, I got caught again – but not by mum. But I still love giving and receiving spanks. My lovely bride of 35 years is also into ‘love spanking’ and we sometimes play out mum and child, with both of us taking different roles at different times – but I’m always the female!

Contributor: Fred

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