Trip to the bathroom

When I was really young, about five years old, I attended kindergarten at my neighbourhood public school. Now, I’m only 22 so it wasn’t like in the 50s or anything, and corporal punishment was no longer a sanctioned means of discipline for students.

Nevertheless, my teacher Mrs Strickland – who had taught at the school for around 30 years – was accustomed to dealing with unruly students by taking them into the bathroom, which was adjacent to our classroom, and spanking them with a ruler.

Now, I was young and wasn’t really a bad kid, so I had never been spanked at home. As a matter of fact, I can’t ever remember either of my parents actually spanking me (although I probably would look back on it now with fondness). I didn’t really know what happened to the ‘bad’ kids that Mrs Strickland would take back there, but they always came back crying and pulling up their pants.

I was very intelligent for my age and was reading on a 2nd grade level whereas most kids couldn’t read a sentence. Therefore my teacher gave me special attention and I was like her pet student and never got into trouble.

But I always wondered what happened to you when you were taken into the bathroom. The only thing I knew was that you had to do something really bad to get taken to the bathroom, like fight with someone, steal something or say a curse word. Me being the teacher’s pet, I never did any of this. I was like her golden boy – I would even skip recess to sit in with her and talk. Still, I always wanted to find out first hand what happened when you were taken in the bathroom.

One day, a girl that I had kind of a crush on (I started young) kept saying the F-word – I guess she had just learned it and when you’re that age, saying the F-word is like one of the ‘baddest’ things you can do.

We were finger painting next to each other when she blurted it out and the kids that heard her started the ‘oohs’. It wasn”t long before the whole class was ‘oohing’.

Mrs Strickland came over to us she and asked the girl what she had said, in a kind of sarcastic way. Realising her mistake, the girl stood quiet and stared at the floor. This continued for a minute or so, then Mrs Strickland went to her desk, got her ruler and started to take the girl to the bathroom.

I was overwhelmed by my curiosity and by my affection for the girl, so I yelled out – and I mean loud: “She said ‘fuck’, Mrs Strickland – ‘fuck’.”

The whole class turned and looked at me and started the ‘oohs’ again – and even a teacher walking by in the hallway poked her head in to see what was happening.

Mrs Strickland at first looked kind of dumbfounded at what I had said, so I said ‘fuck’ again and within a second, she was racing back towards me. grabbing me by my arm and leading me into the bathroom.

So there I was, with the girl standing there, as Mrs Strickland closed the door. She began to yell and scold both of us for what we had done and she said that she was going to teach us both a lesson. She proceeded to open up the stall door and sit on the toilet seat, then told us both to come over to her.

She took the girl first. She unbuttoned her pants, then pulled them and her panties down to her knees. Then she put the girl across her lap and started to spank her with the ruler, about 10 times or so – enough that the girl was bawling and holding her butt.

Then she grabbed me, and stripped and spanked me. However, unlike the girl, she spanked me about 20 or so times, telling me how bad I was and how disappointed she was in me, and that if she could have, she would have liked to cut a switch and given me a real whipping.

Anyway, after that I was never bad in her class again and to this day, that was my one and only spanking ever.

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