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I grew up in a small town south of Chicago. My best friend in the whole world was the girl next door, Laura. Laura and I played together since we were in diapers – I was just about six months older then her.

She and I both came from strict families that believed spanking was the only way to discipline a naughty child. We were both spanked on occasion but it was a private affair, never in public, and seldom within earshot. The only way we knew of the each others punishments were if our older sisters told of the humiliating details.

My older sister Meg and her sister Maryann were four years older than us, and to our parents already too old for spankings. So when either Laura or myself were spanked, our sisters made it a point to let everybody know. They would laugh and tease, until sometimes we would cry from the humiliation.

I received hard over-the-knee spankings from Mom from about the age of four up until about I was about eight. At the time I’m writing about, I hadn’t received a real spanking for at least four years. Laura’s spanking history was about the same.

Between the ages of 10 and 12, Laura and I would play house. Sometimes I was the ‘dad’ and she would be the ‘daughter’, or she would be ‘mom’ and and I would be the ‘son’. It was all harmless fun but usually the game would end with the ‘child’ getting a mock spanking from the pretend parent.

The spankings would always be fully clothed, over-the-knee type punishments with a few harmless swats to each other’s backsides. The child would ‘cry’ and promise to behave.

By the age of 12, Laura was beginning to blossom into a beautiful girl. She had the darkest, most radiant hair, with matching dark eyes and before I knew what hit me, I had a deep secret crush on my little friend from next door.

During our adventures of playing house, the stakes would keep going up. The harmless swats were getting a little harder, the pace a little faster. I found myself enjoying the chance of going over my secret love’s knee. In fact, I fantasised about her taking my pants down during the spankings. I wanted her to do it – to see all of me with those beautiful eyes, to discipline me, to humiliate me, then to hold me in her arms afterwards, and kiss me and assure me that everything would be all right.

I fantasised about it for a long time, and my face would blush when I thought about it. Laura had a very serious, mature side to her that had developed over the last year or so – a side I had not yet developed myself, perhaps because I was a boy and typically, girls do in fact mature faster.

I know that I was not the only one to see it, either – the adults treated her as almost one of them and I was left behind as a child, or at least that’s how I felt. And my feelings were true and correct because one fateful summer day, when our sisters were gone at summer camp, our parents decided to go out for the evening – and who was left in charge? Laura!

I really didn’t mind, though – at least I would be with my friend (or rather, my heart-throb!). It really only got embarrassing when it was time for my Mom to leave and she reminded me to be good, and that I was to listen to my babysitter! We both kind a chuckled about it after Mom left.

That night, we goofed around like 12-year-olds do; watched TV and ate junk food. I asked Laura if she wanted to play house and she said ‘sure’. I agreed to be the ‘child’ and she would be the ‘mom’. Little did she know that I wanted to raise the stakes as high as they would go.

We started playing the usual way, when I suddenly stopped the game. I asked Laura if she could keep a secret. She said: “Sure, what is it?” I told her that she had to swear that she could not tell anyone, and I would not tell her the secret until she did. She gave me her word that she would keep it to herself, as a little smirk came to her lips.

She was very curious and wanted to know what the secret was right away. I told her that if she told anyone I would not speak to her again and that I would be in big trouble. Her smirk was now a full beautiful smile, as she giggled in delight. “What did you do? Was it bad?” I told her if my Mom found out I would be dead meat. “What is it?” she urged. “Tell me.”

I took her upstairs to my bedroom, and took her to my desk and opened a drawer. I told her that I felt really guilty about what I had done, and felt that I needed to be punished. She raised her eyebrows and said: “Wow, what could be so bad?”

I told her the only reason I was going to tell her was to get it off my chest, because I felt so guilty. I then asked her if she would help me over the guilt by being the one to punish me. She didn’t know what to say – I don’t think she knew what I was asking her to do. Finally, she said: “Well, why don’t we see what you’ve done and we can talk about what we will have to do afterwards?”

I showed her my report card from the final day of school earlier in the year. It looked OK – three Bs and a C. She looked at me and said: “So?” I told her to look closer – maybe with a magnifying glass. She did, and her eyes almost dropped out of her head. She gasped for breath.

“You changed it! I can’t believe…do you know how much trouble you’re in if they find out?” She looked at me, with her beautiful eyes squinting as if to say ‘shame on you’. At that point, I could feel the maturity difference between us. If it had have been the other way around, I would have laughed it off and said ‘great job’ – but Laura was now acting and thinking like an adult.

She stood there with her arms crossed, tapping her foot, as she stared at me with those eyes. I stood there with my head down, already feeling whipped. She asked me why I did it and told me how serious this incident was.

I couldn’t look at her, I was too humiliated – she was an adult now and I was a naughty child. She told me to stay in my room and that she would return. I asked her if she was going to spank me for what I’d done. She replied that she didn’t know what to do.

I figured that Laura was going to spank me upon her return, so I took the liberty of undressing down to my underpants and put on my blue cotton robe. I waited for her to return.

Soon, the footsteps came up the stairs. Laura opened the door. She had brought with her a high backed chair and a hairbrush. I helped her carry the heavy wooden chair to the middle of the room.

I noticed the soft cushion on the seat of the chair and couldn’t stop thinking of how her backside would soon enjoy the comfort of the padded seat, and how my backside would be exposed to her in every way and at the mercy of her hairbrush. I started to cry as I thought about how humiliating this was going to be, as my ‘love’ would soon be scolding me like I was a five-year-old child.

She sat in the high backed chair and fixed her skirt. I knelt, put my head in her lap and started crying loudly. She brushed her fingers through my hair and told me everything would be just fine, and that it was OK.

I took off my robe as I knelt before my punisher – I had never felt so much like a child, not felt the need to be spanked harder. I wanted Laura to beat my backside for all my sins. I wanted her to see how much of a little boy I still was. I needed to cry in front of her. She told me it was all right to cry and that we would work through this.

I must have been there for five minutes until she finally lifted up my chin and looked deep into my eyes.

“Larry,” she said, “you have done a very bad thing.” “I know,” I said, “I’m sorry.” “I know you’re sorry but you need to be punished.”

She was very sympathetic – it would have been less humiliating if she had been angry. She was just very understanding – she could feel my pain and humiliation.

Then she said: “I don’t think I should be the one to punish you though, Larry.” I stopped for a second – I didn’t understand. She smiled at me and said: “When your mommy (and she did say ‘mommy’) gets home, we are going to tell her all about what you have done.” I looked at her and said: “But you promised that you wouldn’t tell anyone – you promised!”

“That’s right,” she said, “I promised that I wouldn’t tell – and I’m not going to.” “You are,” I shouted back. “Please, Laura, don’t make me!”

She looked puzzled. “I don’t understand – I thought you felt you needed a spanking. When your mom arrives, we can tell her all about your report card and how guilty you feel, and how you think you deserve a spanking. I’m sure she will see how guilty you are and I bet you will get the spanking of your life. I even brought up the hairbrush and the chair so you and your mommy can talk all about it. For now, I want you to stay in your underpants. It will make your mommy’s decision easier when the time comes. I hate to have to treat you like this but, you will stay in your room for the rest of the night. I will bring your mommy up to your room when she comes home.”

The tears were welling up in my eyes as she closed the door – my beautiful Laura was going to make sure I got what was coming to me. I was so humiliated, I took off my underpants and stood in a corner completely naked.

Eventually, I heard the car pull up and Laura talking to my mom in the kitchen in a very mature and concerned voice. I couldn’t take what was going to come next – my mom sounded puzzled, then very concerned. I heard them coming up the stairs and I started to bawl. The door opened and there I was, naked for all to see. Laura and my mom looked at me with their mouths wide open – my mom looked at Laura and then back at me. She demanded an explanation.

Laura told my mom to sit down and that I would explain everything – ‘isn’t that right. Larry?’ “Yes,” I whimpered. My mother sat patiently as I choked out the story. Laura just sat on my bed and listened, and made sure all the facts were straight. When I got to the part about wanting to be punished, Laura spoke up and made it clear that I had requested a spanking.

I threw myself on my mother’s mercy – she looked around the room and saw the hairbrush, and for the first time, she noticed the chair she was sitting on. She held my head up and told me I would get my wish. She stood to get the hairbrush, but Laura had already picked it up for her. Laura half jokingly handed it to her and told her she needed to save her strength, with a wink as two adults would share before a naughty child is spanked. I hated her for that – but I loved her for it too.

My mom looked at Laura and thanked her for her help. I looked at her and, as the words slipped out of my mouth, I couldn’t believe I also said ‘thank you’. Laura excused herself and closed the door behind her. My mom looked at me and asked: “Are you too big for my knee? Because I think you and my knee have an appointment with my hairbrush.”

As the spanking started – and what a spanking it was – I could only hope that Laura was just behind the door listening to every crack of the hairbrush. I hope she heard the scolding that I took, and every time I uttered ‘please mommy’ and ‘I’ll be a good boy’. I hope Laura had the chance to hear every little humiliation I suffered, and felt proud to help give a little boy what he deserved.

Contributor: Larry

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