My great aunt

I was staying with my great aunt after my parents left for France. She was an old, sour woman with no tolerance for disobedience. I was only 10 at the time and was accustomed to doing things my way. However, my way meant nothing at my great aunt’s house.

She gave me a bedtime – something I resented. She made it eight o’clock, when usually I stayed up until I couldn’t hold my eyes open anymore. That first night when I refused to go up to my room, she sent me to the stairs with a sharp swat on the seat of my pants. I was horrified, having never been hit before!

The second week. I woke up one morning feeling exhausted and sick. But being a normal child, I ignored the heavy-headed, stuffy feeling and played outside until I collapsed on the grass, feeling quite ill. One of the kids from next door called for my great aunt, who came running out to help me.

The next thing I remember is being naked in the tub as she rubbed me down with a cool cloth. Then she lifted me out (she was old but very strong), wrapped me in a towel and led me to the guest room. I could barely walk, I felt so weak. Everything looked like it was spinning. The last thing I remember is being helped onto the bed and having a cool sheet being pulled up around my chin.

The next morning I felt the same, except not so dizzy. I opened my eyes and just lay in bed, afraid that if I moved the nausea in my stomach would rise up and spill out of my mouth. A short while later, the door opened and my great aunt bustled in.

“Oh, good, you’re up – how are you feeling?” “Not so good,” I croaked. She came over to me, felt my forehead. “You do feel a little warm – stay there.”

I wasn’t moving at all, trust me. No way. Not with a churning stomach. She came back a few minutes later as my eyes were shutting again. I heard her moving around but didn’t open them. I heard her fumbling and then she was pulling the sheet down and I was lying there with nothing on.

I was more responsive than the night before and my first reaction was to grab at the sheet, which she ripped away from me. I curled up into a ball, and she told me to turn onto my tummy. “I want clothes first,” I whined. “Oh, pish,” my great aunt said. “I have the same exact parts as you. Don’t be stubborn, Meagan – now, turn over.”

I hesitated and received a sharp smack on my bare thigh. “I said to turn over!” When I didn’t move, she sighed in agitation and shoved me on to my stomach. My face reddened – she could see my bottom and I was ashamed.

Next, I felt my aunt’s fingers on my backside and there was something cold and slippery on them. Before I knew it, she had slipped a finger between my cheeks and I pushed myself up quickly. She tried to push me back down but I struggled furiously. This woman was no wimp – in a second she had me pinned against her. I realised I couldn’t get away and angrily spat at her.

“Meagan Rose!” Her voice scared all hell out of me. I had never heard such an angry tone. Suddenly I was across her knee and my legs were pinned underneath one of hers. Then I heard it – like a gunshot.


A second later, I felt a stinging across my entire bottom and I screamed. It wasn’t long before the next smack rained down on my bare skin. I cried out and my eye filled with tears. It seemed like it would never end. I howled and cried and yelled, trying to kick my legs – but they were firmly held under my aunt’s leg. “Please, auntie – I’m sorry, I’ll never spit again. Please stop!”

Smack, smack, smack.

“Ow! Auntie, please stop!” I was sobbing and my bottom seemed to be on fire. My great aunt made sure to cover all of my behind but focused mainly on the ‘sit spot’. As I cried, I knew it would hurt to sit for a long time to come.

Smack, smack, smack, smack!

And then – it seemed to be over. I didn’t try to get up; I was no fool. I lay over her knee, crying. I reached up to rub my poor bottom and my hands were pinned down. Suddenly, another smack came down on my already sore skin – but this was much harder than auntie’s hand.

Whack, whack, whack, whack!

I screamed as loud as I could – this pain was unbearable against freshly-spanked skin. She whacked me about 10 more times and then it finally stopped. I saw the thing she had been hitting me with – her old hairbrush. Once again I lay still, and then I felt her cold, slippery fingers on my butt. She put a finger between my cheeks again and slid it around my burning skin.

For a second, her finger went inside me – I gasped but didn’t move. Then her finger was replaced by something thin and hard. I recognised the feeling. A rectal thermometer. As I helplessly lay there with the thermometer wedged deep inside my bottom, I recalled years before when my parents had to hold me down to take my temperature that way. Still, I was never hit.

After five agonisingly long minutes, it was removed and auntie was silent before announcing: “You have a bad fever. I’m taking you to the clinic.”

The clinic was an emergency room type of place for children. We were seen quickly and auntie made me put on the gown they gave me. She slid my panties down, too, and made me step out of them. When the nurse came in to take my temperature, auntie made me bend over and held me firmly in place. I struggled the whole time and yelled until the nurse took the thermometer out. I didn’t think aunty would spank me in front of anyone.

When the nurse saw my red bottom, she remarked: “Someone’s been a bad girl!” I stuck my tongue out at her.

As soon as the nurse left, auntie pulled me over to her and whipped out her hairbrush. I began to cry as I went over her lap for my painful fate, and received quite a quick spanking until the doctor came in.

He examined me quickly, lingering on my stomach area. He poked at it many times, concentrating very hard, and then I was forced to lie on my tummy as he stuck a long swab in my backside and quickly pulled it out. I was allowed to get dressed then, and as I was pulling my clothes on I heard him and auntie talking in low voices. He gave her a package to take with her and it stayed with her on the front seat all the way in the car.

I was curious as to what that was and I found out as soon as we got home. Auntie led me into the bathroom and instructed me to remove all my clothes.

I began to cry and plead with her to please not take my temperature again. She ignored me and stood and watched while I slowly got undressed. Then she spread a large towel over the floor and told me to lie face down on it. I did so hurriedly, terrified of having my bottom spanked again. As I lay there, shivering, I heard her unwrapping the doctor’s package. Was this another swab? That had been so uncomfortable!

Suddenly she was adjusting my position to her liking and I found myself on my knees, bending over with my head on the ground and my little butt way up in the air. I protested at this and started to move, getting three sharp slaps on the behind.

Once again, I felt something slippery on my skin and auntie explained to me that she would be squeezing a cleansing solution into me to help clean out my bowel movements. She said that was what was giving me a stomach ache. I didn’t move or speak until I felt something long and thin being pushed into my bottom. This was wider than the thermometer.

Auntie told me to take a deep breath and as I inhaled, she pushed the nozzle all the way up into my rectum. Before I could move I felt liquid shooting inside me and filling me up. I screeched and got up abruptly. The nozzle was ripped out of me as I scrambled up.

Auntie caught me under her arm and dragged me to the toilet. She sat and I went over her lap. I got another spanking and then the nozzle was re-inserted. I cried the entire time the liquid was going into me and after it was over, auntie wouldn’t let me use the bathroom. I was hysterical – I felt like I couldn’t possibly hold it in.

After 10 minutes or so, she let me up and watched while I slid onto the toilet seat and let out the liquid. I was sweating and shaky and crying, and I started screaming as I went back over her lap. This time it wasn’t a liquid – it was something that felt like a vitamin pushed far up into my bottom and she made me keep it there for an hour. I was sent naked to my room with a smack and I lay on my stomach, feeling this thing high up in me.

I sobbed until auntie came in – and she held me in her arms, rocking me and rubbing my bottom, until I fell asleep.

Contributor: Meagan

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