Teasing Debra

When I was at school, I was a good boy and rarely got into any kind of trouble. One day, however, I was playing with my friend David and girlfriend Debra at break time. We were being a bit rough and teasing her about her long hair. David started to pull it and Debra slipped over and banged her head.

Our teacher Miss Brown saw what occurred and ordered us both into the classroom. Debra stood and watched as we both had to explain what had happened. “OK,” said Miss Brown, “now for your punishment.”

She walked across the room and retrieved a sand shoe from a shelf. “Both of you take down your trousers.” I began to feel very embarrassed and fumbled at my buttons. I slipped my trousers down and looked up at Debra – she smiled slightly and then looked away.

Miss Brown pulled David towards her and pulled his underpants down, exposing his bare bottom. I started to breathe heavily and watched as David was laid over her lap and struck ten times with the slipper. When she finished, my heart rate went sky high and I tingled all over.

Then Miss Brown pulled me towards her and pulled my underpants down too. Shame overcame me as I was laid over her lap and the beating began. I was in agony as each stroke hit me.

When it was over, Debra was allowed to look closely at the marks and touched my bare bottom. “Next time, it will be bare in front of the whole class,” Miss Brown warned.

There never was a ‘next time’ while I was in her class!

Contributor: Ian

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