Sister Rose’s yardstick

As a Catholic schoolgirl of the 50s, I was introduced to Sister Rose and the yardstick in seventh grade.

The first day of the school year, Sister Rose left us in no doubt as to how we would be punished. She told us that she would not tolerate any improper behaviour or poor school work, and we would all become quite familiar with her yardstick across our bare bottoms if we did not behave.

It took me about two weeks before I messed up and forgot an English assignment was due. Sister took me by the ear out to the hall, and then to a room across from class. She ordered me to take off my skirt and panties for my beating.

Ten strokes later, I was a crying mess with quite a sore rear. I was told to get dressed, hand the assignment in the next day and have my mother come to school with me in the morning.

The next day the homework was handed in and my mother told Sister Rose that she should spank me over the slightest infractions. She also asked whether Sister Rose could tutor me after school each day for two hours. Sister agreed and I knew it was to be a long, sore school year.

Contributor: Christine

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