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Spankings were a part of my upbringing from my first memories as a little girl until I graduated from high school. Both at home and at the private school I attended, it was a regular part of growing up. But one series of spankings still stands out in my mind above all others.

I had just turned 16 and trying many new things. When another girl at school offered me a cigarette, I accepted and promptly tried to look cool while I am sure I turned a variety of shades of green. Trying to finish the cigarette, I found myself alone in the restroom when the assistant principal walked in and discovered me smoking. I was immediately ushered into her office, knowing full well that I was in trouble big time.

Breaking down with tears, I confessed that it was the first time I had smoked but I don’t think she really believed me. After a long scolding, I was given the option of letting her call my parents and let them deal with me or taking a paddling in her office. I had been paddled twice before in her office with a ping-pong paddle, and figured that the spanking was the lesser of two evils.

But when I bent over her desk and lifted my skirt presenting her my panties, I saw her reach into her desk drawer and instead pick up a large wooden pledge paddle. I began to plead for mercy, but over the next few minutes I received ten very hard swats on the fanny. I was bawling like a baby and it took me at least 15 minutes to compose myself before I was dismissed.

My fanny was burning hot and throbbing as I slowly walked to my next class, which was gym. As I began to disrobe and put my gym uniform on, the other girls in the class instantly noticed my backside. On each cheek there was a nice round dark red spot where the paddle had landed. After looking at it in the mirror, I knew that I would have several bruises for at least a week.

Gym class was the last session of the day and I let the cool water of the shower soothe my sore fanny before I went home. While my bottom was throbbing when I walked up to the gate of the house, I really had thought that I had gotten away without my parents knowing about my misfortune. That was until two other girls yelled across the street inquiring if the cigarette I had smoked was worth the paddling that I had received that afternoon. My mother, who was standing on the front porch, heard them and quickly began to question to me.

At first I denied everything but my mother, sensing a lie, quickly grabbed my arm, lifted up my dress and tugged down my panties. There was no hiding my red and purple bottom and she ordered me up to my room at once.

I sat for over an hour contemplating my fate when she came into my room and told me to get ready for the punishment of my life. I immediately began to cry but knew that pleading for mercy wouldn’t help. I changed into my nightgown, piled the pillows in the middle of the bed, and draped myself over them with my already throbbing bottom held high.

Again, I waited for what seemed like forever, until I heard my mother’s footsteps coming up the stairs. When she entered the room, she was carrying the cane that she had threatened me with but never used on me.

In one quick motion she turned my nightgown up over my bottom and announced that I was to receive 12 strokes for smoking and trying to lie to her. I tried to be brave, but when the first stroke hit my cheeks I yelled out, grabbed my bottom with both hands and uttered a profanity. My mother quickly informed me that swearing would not be tolerated and would only make my punishment much worse.

For the next few minutes, I received the strokes on my bottom and upper thighs. I screamed fearfully after each blow and after the ninth stroke ended up wetting myself on the bed.

Bawling like a baby, I furiously rubbed my bottom after the last stroke, only to find myself being hauled off to the bathroom where a fresh bar of Lux soap was used to wash out my mouth.

My backside and thighs were a series of red stripes and burned like fire and throbbed. My mother brought me clean sheets and after she left the room, I made my bed and spent the rest of the night sleeping on my tummy.

For several days my backside was sore and it took a good week for the redness and bruises to disappear. But to this day, I have never smoked again.

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