Spanked for skipping

In seventh grade, my friend Kelly and I had PE together. Neither of us was the atheletic type, so it was somewhat torture to us.

We were normally very well behaved and never got into any trouble. However, one spring day it was unusually warm for North Carolina. Ms Pierce, the PE teacher, had the idea that we should spend it inside playing basketball. Kelly and I were not very good at basketball and very interested in working on our tan so we slipped out (no-one was interested in picking us for their team anyway) and stretched out on the wall outside overlooking the softball fields.

Our regulation PE uniform of grey t-shirt and blue shorts was conducive to getting some sun and we removed our socks and shoes to really relax. We had soaked up some rays for about 20 mins when we saw portly Ms Pierce marching across the parking lot. She walked up to us and said: “You are both coming inside with me now!”

I started to put my shoes back on but she grabbed each of us by the arm and we were basically dragged barefoot across the asphalt parking lot, through the gymnasium where our classmates were playing basketball. Most seemed to stop and stare at us, with some giggling as most had never seen either of us in any trouble and certainly not dragged in such a humiliating fashion.

It began to occur to me that I was in a lot of trouble. Ms Pierce had a reputation as a paddle swinger but usually only for boys after a fight. I began to get butterflies in my stomach and the next thing I knew, we were in her office. She sat us down in two chairs on one side of her desk and she went to the other side and sat down. She told us she was extremely angry with us and that she was tired of ‘little girls like you that think you are too cool and cute, not participating’.

She reached into her top drawer and out came a wooden paddle with holes. She then said: “We are going to find out how cool you are after five licks. Kelly – stand up and bend over.” My heart had sank when she pulled the paddle out but now this was all too real. I had been spanked occasionally as a child but usually with hand and only once with a belt; certainly not by anyone other than my parents and not ever in front of anyone!

As Ms Pierce walked to our side of the desk and moved Kelly’s chair out of the way, my chubby but cute, blonde pal bent over and held on to the backs of her knees, her blue clad bottom pointed in my direction. As I witnessed Kelly’s vulnerability, I thought of the thin cotton shorts that I had on and the even thinner worn cotton panties I saved to wear during PE.

Ms Pierce placed the paddle against Kelly’s butt and reminded her to stay in position. Suddenly, she reared back and brought a sharp spank across Kelly’s backside. Before Kelly could react, the second one was following the first, and the third seemed to come even quicker.

I was really getting scared now. From my vantage point, I could see Kelly’s butt jiggle violently to each swat and now i could hear her reaction as Ms Pierce took a brief break to let the first round sink in. Kelly groaned and instantly started to cry. M. Pierce then smacked number four and Kelly straightened up and grabbed her butt, howling. Ms Pierce pushed her back in position and levied one last mighty swat that caused Kelly to shriek and collapse over the desk, bawling and rubbing her rear end furiously.

I could not believe what I had just witnessed – nor what was coming my way. However, I did notice that through a glass window in the door many of my classmates were craning over one another to catch a glimpse – almost all of them boys, of course.

Ms Pierce then gave me the order: “Kimberly Lynn, stand up, bend over and grab your ankles.” I hurriedly did so as I could not stand to look at Kelly sobbing anymore and I really just wanted to take my spanking and get out of there at this point.

As I stood up, my nervous, cold bare feet seemed even colder on the cement floor. I bent over and touched just below my knees while watching Ms Pierce out of the corner of my eye. Instantly, I turned bright red as the embarrassment of what was about to transpire set in.

I distinctly remember being more concerned at that point about the boys watching my ‘cute little butt’ that they were always trying to pinch get worn out rather than the actual spanking itself. That changed soon enough as the first lick smacked my butt. It was on fire instantly. The next spank followed rapidly as did the third swat. I could not believe how little protection my shorts gave me.

I was determined not to cry but I did straighten up as she paused after the third swat. This enraged Ms Pierce and she instantly grabbed my arm and wore my butt out three more times, giving me a total of six.

The heat, plus the injustice of receiving more of a spanking than my friend was too much as I unabashedly rubbed my ass and howled, eventually succumbing to tears.

Ms Pierce immediately ordered us out of the office and we walked toward the girls locker room, socks and shoes in hand, past our snickering classmates. I have never been more embarrassed in my life. During that walk, my face was fire-engine red and I found out in the locker room that my butt was too!

Contributor: Kimberley

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