Three for the strap

I want to tell you about how my Aunt Jenny (whom I was living with full time) gave me and my cousins a severe spanking with the strap.

At the time, both myself and her daughter Hannah were 10, and Hannah’s sister Kelly was a year younger. All three of us earned the dreadful stinging of that strap.

One warm summer day, my aunt went out and we were playing in the yard wearing our short pants and T-shirts. After a while, we got very rough with each other, screaming and using foul language. The next thing I knew, we were rolling in the flower bed and broke many of the plants.

Aunt Jenny arrived, saw the damage and learned from the neighbours what had gone on. We were sent to her bedroom. Once there, we held each other, trembling, and started to cry.

Aunt Jenny came in with the strap and ordered all three of us to pull our shorts and underwear down and lie on the bed, bare bottoms facing up. I was in the middle, holding both my cousins’ hands, and all three of us were pleading for mercy.

Then the whipping started – the pain was unbearable! We wriggled, screamed and begged Aunt Jenny to stop. Our behinds were so red and sore afterwards, and we lay there hugging each other, the tears flowing. Later, we could hardly sit down to eat our supper.

Contributor: Michael

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