Potty training

My mom had to raise me on her own for the first few years of my life. Working two jobs was pretty rough on her and she hardly had time to spend with me.

Soon after I turned five, my mom got a job which allowed her to work at home. This finally gave her a chance to spend time with me and attempt to accomplish things which had been put off because she did not have the time before. One of these things was potty training. At age five, I was still in diapers full-time.

My mom came from a very strict family where spanking was the answer to everything. When she first tried getting me to use the toilet she had no success at all. I refused to go if I was not wearing a diaper. I was supposed to start kindergarten that fall and my mom was getting desperate.

One morning, my mom took me into the bathroom for my usual time on the toilet. As usual, I whined and complained and she was getting rather irritated. After five minutes of sitting on the toilet, I did not go.

Mom finally gave up, too tired to deal with it at that time, and I was put back in a diaper. It was only a matter of minutes before I filled that diaper.

My mom realised I had been holding it in when I was on the toilet, refusing to go without a diaper. Needless to say she became very upset. In fact, she was furious.

She removed my diaper and without even wiping me clean, she administered a very severe spanking on my bare bottom with her open hand.

That day, I received a spanking on my bare bottom during every diaper change. My mom refused to give up. She was going to get me potty trained by the fall using whatever methods she had to.

The next morning, after I got up, my mom stripped me completely naked and laid me across her lap in the usual spanking position. I thought for sure I was in for a spanking but my mom had another idea.

With Vaseline on her finger, she lubricated my rectum and gave me an enema. I was then placed on the toilet and left there until the enema took effect.

My mom gave me enemas and suppositories on a daily basis. She hung a small paddle on the wall in my bedroom right above my changing table and every time she changed my wet or dirty diapers, she would take the paddle and apply it soundly upon my bare bottom.

I did not like getting spanked all the time and I surely did not like the daily enemas and suppositories my mom gave me.

It was a slow, day-to-day process but by the fall, I was completely daytime trained. I still needed a diaper at night but my mom did not worry too much about this until a later time.

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