Over Mrs Johnson’s knee

While I was spanked numerous times as a child, this one stands out as perhaps the most unusual incident.

I was 10 years old and spending the night at my friend Justin’s house after attending his birthday party. Justin had disobeyed his mother and was about to get a spanking, when for some reason I got the crazy idea that a guy shouldn’t have to get spanked on his birthday.

I told his mother that, and she replied that if I really felt that way, I could take Justin’s spanking for him. I don’t know what came over me, but I said that I thought that was a good idea – I’d take Justin’s spanking. I don’t think she was expecting that, because she then spent several minutes trying to talk me out of it.

But I was insistent, so after confirming that I really wanted to do it, she shrugged, turned to Justin, and said, “I hope seeing this teaches you a real good lesson.”

It must be said that all this time Justin was just standing there, saying nothing. Like most boys, he was glad to get out of a spanking, but he was really surprised by what I was doing.

Mrs. Johnson took me and Justin up to his room, where she told me to strip to my underwear. After doing that she placed me across her knee and began spanking me by hand. They hurt, but not too bad, and I was beginning to think I’d come out of this situation just fine.

But after perhaps 50 hand spanks, she stopped and I felt her fingers going inside my waistband. I instinctively started to object, but then realised I had agreed to take this spanking for Justin, so I just drooped back across her knees.

Out came a wooden spoon, and she proceeded to turn my butt into a welted, red display of what happens to naughty boys in her house. The spanks came rapid fire, cheek to cheek, up and down, all around, even down on to my thighs.

After a minute, I lost my composure and began to wail, kicking my legs and trying to block the blows. She grabbed my hands and held them in the small of my back and continued.

I glanced over at Justin, who was looking more and more uncomfortable, and extremely repentant (I guess that’s what his mother was hoping for).

Finally, after three minutes, she stopped. She stood me up and placed me in the corner, with orders to keep my hands on my head. She then proceeded to lecture Justin, making sure he was looking at my glowing, sore butt.

Finally, she made him walk up and touch it – to feel how hot and sore it was. At that point he started crying, apologising to me and his mother for his misbehaviour. She made him stand there watching me for the full 30 minutes of corner time.

Actually, that experience made a big impact on Justin. From that day forward, he was a much better behaved boy. As for me, I never felt the need to volunteer my butt again, although I did get many more spankings for my own misbehaviour.

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