My most memorable and embarrassing spanking was when I was 11. My mom and step dad were going out to dinner at some fancy restaurant and I was left with my 19-year-old stepsister Karen.

At the time, I had started wetting my bed again and my mom had recently put me back in diapers at night which was very embarrassing. My mom put my diaper on before they left that evening so I had to put up with the humiliation of going around the house in just a tee-shirt and a diaper.

Before my mom left, she told me to behave for Karen or else I’d really get it. I was pretty much a total brat back then and I did everything I could think of just to annoy Karen. It didn’t take long for her to begin to lose her patience. The last straw was when I hung up the phone on her boyfriend.

She called him right back to explain what happened and she said she would call him back in a few minutes. “Now I’m gonna spank you!” she angrily said as she grabbed me. I tried to pull my arm away and told her to let go of me, but it was no use.

She dragged me off to my room. “If you don’t stop fighting, you’re gonna get a lot worse,” she warned. I knew that whether I fought or not, I was going to get spanked so rather than making it worse, I decided to just give in.

She pulled down my rubber pants, unpinned my diaper and removed it, then pulled me face-down across her lap. I soon regretted giving in so easily because she spanked my bare bottom like there was no tomorrow. I was crying and kicking hard, trying to escape, but I couldn’t get free.

She didn’t finish until my little fanny was crimson red and then she laid me on my bed. She rubbed lotion on my very sore bottom and powdered me before pinning my diaper back on, pulling up my rubber pants, and putting me to bed crying.

Mom heard about my behaviour and how I had given Karen a hard time. She came into my bedroom and seeing that I was awake, she confronted me. “What did I tell you about behaving, Matthew?” she asked me as she pulled me up from my bed. “No, mommy, please don’t!” I begged.

For the second time that night, I found myself face-down over a lap, this time with my rubber pants and diaper around my ankles. Mom spanked me twice as long as Karen had and I was crying my eyes out.

After the spanking, she rubbed soothing lotion on my bottom and powdered me again before re-diapering me. Karen continued to babysit me – and I always made sure that I was on my best behaviour when she did.

Contributor: Matthew

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