Now you know!

In an earlier story, I told you how my friend Tony and I had got our bottoms playfully smacked by each other’s mum. It was a stand out day for me, both for being both enormous fun and as my introduction to spanking. I liked it – a lot!

I had gone to bed that night with questions rattling around in my head, and I decided I really needed to speak to my mum about them. As I mentioned previously, we had a close, warm relationship.

I’m sure most of you know of the practice of giving children the occasional watered down glass of wine, with the intention of taking the urge of the same child to get plastered at the earliest opportunity, later on. Once a child knows what something tastes like, they know and move on.

My mum applied this ‘now you know’ attitude to many things, so I felt confident that if I asked her to smack my bottom again, she would, and afterwards say: “Now you know!”

I washed and dressed and went down for breakfast. Mum was in her usual routine – tea, toast, radio on, reading the paper. A bowl of my favourite cereal at the time was waiting for me. I poured on the milk and waited for the cereal to soak it up. My questions, however, couldn’t wait.

“Mum?” “Mmm?” “Why did you cross your legs to smack Tony?” “Sorry, what was that?” I repeated my question.

“Oh! No reason – I just did. Why d’you ask?” I explained it had looked different and I had wondered what it was like. I had watched from Mrs Green’s lap as Mum had hoisted Tony up and over. “Does it matter?” Mum asked. “Can I try like that?”

Mum looked up from the paper, shrugged and said: “OK!” That was my mum – she was cool like that. Then I asked another question which had bothered me. “What did Mrs Green say to you before you came back in from the conservatory?”

She thought for a second. “She said: ‘Look at those two, wiggling their bums. How about we have some fun ourselves and go in there and smack those bottoms?” So, it was Mrs Green’s idea – but Mum had been more than happy to go along with it!

Now it was her turn to ask a question. “I bet you got quite a shock when Mrs Green put you across her knee, didn’t you?” she smiled.
“I did, but I knew we wasn’t in trouble and you’ve never spanked us before. It was weird watching you spank Tony, though,” I answered truthfully. “He did wriggle about a bit but I think he enjoyed it as well – he was giggling the whole time!” She laughed as she spoke.

I left it there. My questions were muddled now – more like thoughts. How come, if Mum enjoyed smacking Tony, we had never played games like that before? It seemed odd to me.

I ate my cereal. Excused from the table, I went to find Tony. He was excited. His dad was home and had said Tony could use some materials left over from the extension to build a camp – brilliant! We got to work, and for a while my thoughts about spanking were put on hold.

Tony’s mum brought us a drink and admired our work. She didn’t mention the events of the day before. As we sat drinking, I asked Tony if his mum had spanked him before yesterday’s fun and games. As I expected, he replied: “Not really.” He explained that his mother did occasionally administer a playful smack now and then, mostly a couple of swats as he walked past her or when she dragged him out of bed in the morning – but never anything serious.

We got back to building our camp and the conversation turned to other things. I had lunch with Tony and his parents so didn’t see my own mum until tea time. Dad would be late home as usual, so now was as good a time as any to ask Mum to smack my bum the way she smacked Tony. I really wanted to try the different position.

Mum was her usual self. She asked how I was, what we’d been doing and so on. I answered all her questions and then (in my opinion, anyway) rather cleverly said that I had managed to get through the whole day without having my bottom smacked. I gave her my best ‘cheeky boy’ grin as I said this.

Mum smiled but warned me: “There’s plenty of the day left, so don’t get too cocky!” Here was my opening – I poked my tongue out. She put her hands on her hips and with an arched eyebrow told me: “Careful, young man!” Clearly playing along, I turned around and wiggled my bottom at her. She laughed, then said: “OK – that does it! You know what happened yesterday when you did that.”

Taking me by the ear, just as our mothers had done the day before, she led me to our dining room where there was a suitable chair for her to administer a spanking.

Just as the day before, it was essentially just a game – mother and son horsing around. I protested about her tugging my ear and she retorted: “When I’ve finished with you, young man, the last thing on your mind will be your ear!”

Then came the biggest moment of this encounter, which has stayed with me to this day. Mum sat down and crossed her legs, then I was hauled across her knee and my feet left the ground. Now I knew how Tony had felt! I didn’t struggle or protest.

Once she had me positioned ‘just so’, Mum told me: “Obviously, Mrs Green didn’t spank you hard enough yesterday – otherwise you would have learned not to wiggle your bottom at me. So let’s see if a spanking from your own mother will teach you a lesson!”

The smacks started, just as they did the previous day, gently and at a steady tempo, accompanied by a pretend telling-off. It felt totally different from being smacked by Mrs Green. This was my mum, and I was being ‘done’ in the position that had so fascinated me yesterday. I lay still and absorbed the moment, a moment I have repeated my whole life – it became my ‘thing’.

Mum smacked steadily over the seat of my shorts. “Are you learning?” I wanted to remain there all evening – I could not have been more relaxed or happy. In order to extend my stay, I answered cheekily: “Not yet!” “I see. Right – up you get!”

She stood me back up and for a moment I was terribly disappointed. Then, thrillingly, my mum looked at me with folded arms and demanded: “Shorts down – right now, you naughty boy!” An unbelievable thrill shot through me at this instruction. It was an unbelievable rush – a mix of surprise, excitement and probably a little bit of nerves, all at the same time.

Before I could react, she added: “Now then, don’t keep your mother waiting when she’s about to spank you!” Heart pounding, I fumbled with my shorts and they dropped to my ankles. Mum looked me in the eye again and said: “You’re a very naughty boy and far too cheeky for your own good! Obviously, the spanking from Mrs Green – and now from me – have had no effect. So I’m now going to smack your bottom very, very hard and afterwards stand you in the corner. Now – back across my knee, my lad!”

To this day, I can remember her words, the tone of her voice, the sheer emotion of the moment. I was nervous but so excited. I knew Mum was still playing – but somehow this felt much more real. I stepped forward without looking in my mum’s face and I was repositioned across her knee. I hung there for a moment, bottom up and in suspense in every sense.

“Ten hard smacks, then 10 minutes in the corner,” came the sentence. “And if you ever poke your tongue out or wiggle this at me again, I will double both the number of smacks and corner time.” She accompanied the word ‘this’ with a sharp slap to my bottom – a very firm one which sent a shiver through me. I knew that 10 smacks like that would sting – a lot.

And they did. Mum counted out loud as she smacked the seat of my thin underpants, stretched tightly across my upturned bottom. She smacked slowly, allowing time for the sting to register properly. I think by now she was enjoying the game herself in a deeper way than I understood as a child.

One thing is for sure – I found out that ‘proper’ smacks stung badly. Despite the buzzing in my backside, or maybe because of it, I found myself loving it. Perhaps fortunately for both of us, I didn’t get an erection. However, I was aware of this most most sensational warmth spreading across my buttocks and through to my front.

After those 10 hard smacks I lay still for a moment. I think I was breathing a bit harder than normal and my thoughts were somewhat scrambled. It was the first time I had that feeling that I had been properly spanked – and it was a magical experience.

Mum finally stood me up, pulled my shorts up and fastened them without another word being said. She then took me by the ear to the kitchen where I was placed in the corner and ordered to put my hands on my head. “Don’t forget,” Mum warned me, “if you poke your tongue out at me again it will be double!”

She fussed around the kitchen, doing domestic stuff, until my 10 minutes was up. I was a bit bored in the corner, but my bottom stung just the right amount. I replayed the whole thing in my head, and looked forward to the next time.

Finally, I heard: “Time’s up, naughty boy!” I turned around to see Mum leaning against the work top with a smile on her face. “Well, what did you think about that?” Blushing a bit, I admitted I had enjoyed it, even though the smacks had stung a lot. She beckoned me towards her and we hugged long and hard. “You know I was messing, right?” she said quietly in my ear. I nodded – nevertheless, it had felt very real.

She released me from our hug. “So, cheeky boy, now you know – right?” I nodded. “Can we play like that again sometime? It was fun.” She smiled and nodded: “OK!” How cool was my mum?

And we did play again. For quite a few years after that, I would sometimes look at Mum, wink and poke my tongue out at her or wiggle my bottom. She didn’t always smack me straight away – sometime she kept me waiting – but I got a playful spanking every time. I’m sure Mum enjoyed these games as much as I did.

As I said, those moments had a huge influence on my life. I eventually found a girlfriend tall enough to cross her legs and put me across her knee, just as Mum did on that fateful day. None of my spankings are severe or for punishment. My girlfriend is now my wife and she knows that when I wink and poke my tongue out at her, I am in need of a well smacked bottom. She has commented that there is a dicernable difference in the quality of our love-making after I have been given a spanking.

I think the only question that remains unanswered is why Mum had never playfully smacked my bum before that wonderful day at Tony’s house. It’s a question that will now never be answered, but I am very grateful to both my mother and to Mrs Green for introducing me to the wonderful world of spanking.

Contributor: Ben

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