Clearly good sports

I found your website recently and have become an avid reader. I hope my story will be interesting enough to warrant inclusion – I have changed all the names.

A bit of background. A few years ago, my mum made friends with a woman who moved in across the street. Both women had very recently had a baby, me being one, Tony the other. I will call my mum Mrs West and the lady across the road Mrs Green – rhere is a reason for the rather formal names, which will become clear later.

Mrs Green was like a second mum to me, and Tony felt the same way about my mum. We had an idylic childhood, roaming the fields nearby and dropping in and out of each other’s houses. I was as much at home at Tony’s as in my own home.

I have no memories of any form of discipline whatsoever. I did not, as far as I am aware, have any underlying interest in spanking, unlike many of the people here who have commented on it in their own stories.

My mum was a real laugh – in many ways, she was more like a big sister to me and gave me pretty much free rein. I could have asked her pretty much anything – we had a close, tactile relationship. I rarely, if ever, misbehaved. I loved my mum way too much to give her a hard time. There may have been the odd occasion during my formative years where she might have tapped my hand or leg, but I don’t recall a single such incident. Dad was self-employed and worked day and night. He was a good dad but, due to work, not around that much. 

Mrs Green was also kindly and friendly – I never heard her raise her voice. She had the nicest smile and the patience of a saint. If she had ever spanked Tony, I think I would have known – it seemed unlikely. His dad kept regular hours and worked in a nearby factory.

Tony and I would have been nine at the time of this event. It was a day that changed everything, a pivotal moment that shaped my life.

Mrs Green had had a new conservatory built at the rear of their house. It was connected to the dining room by glass sliding doors. Tony and I were in the house when my mum came over to inspect the freshly-finished extension.

The two mums were chatting to each other, standing in the empty conservatory, when Tony and I came downstairs from his room. Tony slid the door shut on them, and our mothers looked on as first Tony and then I pulled faces at them, putting our thumbs on our noses and waggling our fingers. Then we turned around to wiggle our bottoms at the now-laughing mums. We must have looked like a couple of chimps at the zoo!

We kept this up for a short while, while our mothers – arms folded – watched us playing the fool. They weren’t locked out (or in) – they were just laughing at their two boys playing silly buggers! After pulling every funny face we could think of, we turned to wiggle our bottoms again, Tony fell against me, and he was laughing so much he lost his balance.

Tony’s mum moved closer to my mother and whispered something in her ear. Mum smiled and nodded, then walked out through the single side door of the new conservatory and round back to the dining room via the kitchen, closing the door behind her.

At the same time, Mrs Green stepped through the sliding door of the conservatory and closed it behind her. Tony and I were now trapped between the two mums – it was an ambush! I was closest to Mrs Green, while Tony was slightly behind me now, my own mother standing between him and an escape route.

So here’s why I used those formal names earlier. Mrs Green looked over to my mum and called out: “Mrs West, would you mind getting hold of that cheeky young man?” As she spoke, she indicated towards Tony. At exactly the same time, Mrs Green grabbed hold of my ear and announced: “I’ve got this one, Mrs West!”

My mum caught hold of Tony by the arm before he could escape, then also took him by the ear. Tony and I weren’t the least scared – in fact, we were laughing like drains. And both mothers had wry smiles on their faces – this was clearly a game. I piped up to my mum in mock protest: “Ooh! She’s got hold of my ear, Mum!” I didn’t know then that Tony and I were about to find out what Mrs Green had suggested to my mum after our little performance.

Tony’s mum then said to my mum, “Mrs West, would you care to take a seat and deal with him, while I deal with this one?” “It would be my pleasure, Mrs Green,” my mum replied. They knew exactly what they were about to do!

Both mums, skilfully keeping hold of us two cheeky boys by our ears, turned a dining room chair around to face each other. Sitting down, Mrs Green had me across her knee in a jiffy. Her arm was tucked around my waist firmly – I was going nowhere. I wasn’t in the least bit nervous, and found the rather intimate position comforting. I liked this very much – a first key moment. So far, this was all natural fun between two mums and two cheeky boys who all knew each other well. As I lay across Tony’s mum lap, I watched as my mum also sat down.

Here was the second key moment – my mum crossed her legs before hauling the laughing Tony over her knee. She then hoisted him forward, as if she did this kind of thing every day – a natural act; a mum positioning a cheeky boy across her knee to be smacked. But it was my own mum, not some random woman. I was fascinated.

Tony wriggled a bit but Mum had got his measure. She held him firmly in place, a big smile on her face. It was at this moment that I realised I was jealous of my friend – I was transfixed by what was happening right in front of me. It think it was the way Mum had crossed her legs – I wasn’t old enough to understand why, it just held my attention.

Mum’s manoeuvre meant that Tony’s bottom was up high and his feet had left the ground. He waved his arms playfully and kicked his legs as if trying to swim away.

My mum gave Tony a few gentle pats on the seat of his trousers. “Now,” she asked him, “what do you think is going to happen you two naughty boys?” A broad grin still on his face as he looked over at me, Tony replied: “We’re going to get spanked, Mrs West!” “Indeed you are, young man,” Mum replied. “The pair of you are going to cop it!”

Then Tony’s mum spoke up. “Shall we begin, Mrs West?” “Ready when you are, Mrs Green!” my mother replied enthusiastically.

I lay still on Mrs Green’s lap, watching as my mum raised her hand and placed the first proper smack on Tony’s shorts-covered bum. I too was wearing shorts. Both pairs were stretched nice and tight over our young bottoms, but the smacks our mums were delivering were not intended to punish. This was fun – light smacks which barely stung, at least at this stage!

Mrs Green smacked my bottom on one side then the other. Every now and then without warning, a smack would land that was just a little bit harder or perhaps a bit lower down, which would make me jump. Nevertheless, I was quite comfortable, enjoying the warmth spreading gently through my shorts. I liked this game very much!

My mum smacked Tony’s bottom at a steady pace, looking over directly at me from time to time. She caught my eye and gave me a smile and a look I will never forget. Mum was enjoying herself!

“Mrs Green, how long should we keep this up? I suggest at least an hour?” “Oh, at least!” replied Mrs Green as she patted my bottom steadily. “I think we should spank them both soundly for an hour. Then, perhaps, we should take a break, have a cup of tea and a biscuit, and then carry on for the rest of the afternoon.” “Good idea, Mrs Green! The tea and biscuits will help keep our strength up – can’t be slacking off now, can we?”

And so it went on – it was like a comedy double act. They messed with our heads, teased us and talked about pulling our shorts down and using slippers and all manner of other threats – it was such fun.

Now came another momentous turning point. Lying there across Mrs Green’s knee, being playfully spanked, I drifted into a kind of trance. It became a beautiful experience. I lay there, watching my mum spank my friend and zoned out. I just watched Tony laugh and wriggle over my mum’s knee, all the while I was wishing I was there. I resolved to find out what it would be like for mum to smack me like that.

For now, though, I wiggled a little myself, put my hand on Tony’s mum’s leg and enjoyed the game. The mothers were talking again. and I tuned back in. The double act was still in full swing.

“Now, Mrs West, I do hope you are not going too easy on that naughty boy?” “Far from it, Mrs Green. This one will have to sit on a cushion at dinner time!”

I was by no means in any real discomfort. However, there was the most delicious warm tingle building up inside my shorts. Although none of Mrs Green’s smacks had been that hard, she had been smacking my bottom on and off for a while now and I was beginning to feel quite well spanked.

The mums stopped smacking again for a minute and had another of their little chats. They discussed our respective bedtimes and settled that both boys should be spanked again then by their mums – but much harder and on the bare bottom! We were to suffer co-ordinated spankings – at exactly eight o’clock that evening, we were to be spanked by our mothers for precisely five minutes before being sent to bed.

My mum was smiling over at me – she was clearly thoroughly enjoying this teasing. She suggested the mothers should open the windows so we could hear each boy screaming for mercy from across the street. Mrs Green said there would be no need to open the window, as we would hear Tony’s screams with them shut!

It was all huge fun – the mums were having a real game with us two boys. Tony was still wriggling about and kicking his legs up and down slowly, and now after every smack my mum planted he yelped or reacted with an ‘ouch’ – followed by a giggle. My mum laughed and told Tony he deserved every smack.

Looking over at me, she added: “Make sure that cheeky little devil feels every smack, please, Mrs Green!” “Oh I will, Mrs West, trust me – I will.”  
Mum threw her head back in laughter and clapped her hands together as they continued to wind us up.

My next key moment. Mrs Green suggested they took a tea break – but what were they to do with these naughty boys? “Oh, I have an idea, Mrs Green!” Mum replied. She stood Tony up and, once more taking him by the ear, led him to the sliding patio doors. Mrs Green sat watching with me still across her knee as my mum stood Tony facing into the dining room. She then placed his hands on his head. “Oh, well done Mrs West – that’s justice being seen to be done!”

So I was taken to stand next to Tony and there we were, hands on our heads, looking in through the window as our mums teased us. They sat on their chairs sipping tea, waving biscuits at us and saying how delicious they were.

My bottom stung a little – it sort of tingled and felt slightly numb. It certainly didn’t hurt, and at no time did I suffer any real pain. I really did enjoy the entire experience – but I had questions. 

I had to know what it felt like for Tony to be over my mum’s knee with her legs crossed. I also wanted to know what a harder spanking felt like; or if not harder, then maybe one on the bare bottom. In my mind, I was confident that if I asked Mum to spank me like that – one, because she seemed to have enjoyed spanking Tony, and two, because she rarely, if ever, said ‘no’.

After five minutes, Mrs Green allowed us back in and we were given drinks and biscuits. Our mums kept up the double act, promising the second half of our spankings soon, plus the soundest of smacked bottoms at bedtime. None of this happened, of course – all we got was cuddles, hugs and lots of teasing. It was a fabulous afternoon.

When mum and I got home, I asked her if she had enjoyed spanking Tony. She smiled and replied: “Very much! Does your bum sting much? Is Mrs Green a good smacker?”

I came clean, and admitted I had enjoyed the whole experience. I added that my bottom did sting a bit but I was still looking forward to the sound spanking promised for bedtime. Mum swung playfully at my behind and told me I was a very cheeky boy.

That bedtime spanking didn’t happen, because Mum was preparing Dad’s tea. But then, it was never going to happen. I felt loved, content and safe. I was also excited, as I had decided that the next day I was going to ask Mum to smack my bottom the same way she had done Tony’s. But that’s a story for another time.

Contributor: Ben

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