Comfort after a belting

I have already written about the bare bottom spankings I received from my friend’s mom – I had a huge crush on her and gladly submitted to her authority to put me across her wide lap, bottom bared, and give me a whipping with her thick belt.

The type of belt she was was what is known as a garrison belt – these are very wide, with large buckles. When it was time for punishment, my friend’s mother would unbuckle her belt and slowly remove it from its loops, all the while reminding me of how much my upcoming whipping would burn and sting.

My last experience of her chastising me was when she found out that I had started smoking in high school. I was 16. She was opposed to my smoking and told me that I was to kick the habit immediately. I reminded her that my own mother smoked – her reply was that children should do as grown-ups told them, and not as they did.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled me into her home. I was amazed at how strong she was as she dragged me through the house like a rag doll, eventually throwing me over the couch.

My friend’s grandmother was also present and between them, the two women quickly got my pants and undies down to my ankles. I was crying and begging not to be whipped but my friend’s mom ignored me. She walked to the other end of the couch and removed her thick belt, smacking it on the couch for emphasis.

She took her place behind me so she had a good view of my bare bottom. As she scolded me about my smoking, her mother took my hands and held them in front of me so I could not protect the target.

The first lick I was given was like no other I had had from her before. She gave me a stroke of the belt for every year of my age, and by the time she was finished, I was a blubbering mess and all too willing to promise never to smoke again.

Even though the belting had hurt incredibly, I felt no resentment towards the women – I knew they were just two strong maternal figures looking out for me.

Once my bottom had been made good and sore, the grandma sat me on her lap, comforting me by stroking my hair. I was told that all was forgiven. I snuggled against her warm, soft breasts as she comforted me. Then I was made to sit on my friend’s mom’s lap, and again I snuggled up to a comforting female bosom as she stroked my hair and rubbed my sore behind better.

Contributor: John

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