The ladies’ feet

I am a man with a pronounced fetish for women’s feet, whether bare, in sandals or even in open toe pumps. I really do believe – and, of course, it’s only my opinion – that this fetish grew out of my experiences of being held over women’s laps and spanked bare bottomed.

I must say that I hated being spanked, and I tried to always be good – but it is hard for young boys to stay out of trouble as there are so many temptations which are hard to resist!

After my spanking, I would remember the type of shoes worn, the colour of my spanker’s nail polish and the shape of her foot – and there were plenty to remember. Aside from my own mother, I was put across the lap of my grandma, both my aunts and a neighbour who also sometimes babysat me.

As you can imagine, with so much maternal supervision, I was often over a lady’s lap getting my behind turned red. Everybody of these women spanked hard and long, and I would cry hard and beg for the punishment to stop.

If one of these ladies came into a room where I was already being spanked, invariably they would take a turn at my bottom too.

One particularly memorable punishment was when I stole one of my mom’s cigarettes. Unfortunately for me, she found the offending object in my bedroom. Mom was really angry with me, not only for stealing from her but also trying to act grown-up when I was still a little boy.

After she found the cigarette, Mom called my aunts and grandma – and they agreed that I needed to be spanked by each of them. I started to cry loudly as I realised I was about to undergo a very severe punishment and would be sleeping on my tummy that night.

My mom did not wait for any of the others to arrive – having arranged for them to come round, she took down my underpants, put me over her lap and proceeded to spank me really hard. Even with my burning bottom, I can still remember gazing at my mother’s bare feet, her toenails adorned with red polish. As each lady arrived and put me across their lap, I also took notice of their feet as I was being very painfully chastised.

Now that I am a grown man, of course, I use these experiences to enhance my masturbation, though it’s safe to say that the memories are rather more pleasant than the actual beatings I got that day, and on other occasions. I’m fortunate enough to have an understanding wife, who is quite prepared to spank me, and lets me watch her feet as she reddens my backside.

Contributor: John

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