Big and little spankings

Once, when I was eight years old, I was very disobedient to my father in front of the neighbours. Although I now can’t recall exactly what I did, Dad was really embarrassed at being shown up in front of other people.

It was summer, I was in and out of the pool, so I was a bad boy in a Speedo. What should be the primary method of punishment from his embarrassed daddy?  Dad had no doubt about that – he told me: “Eddie, you are begging for a spanking – get into the house!”

As we made our way to the side door, our next door neighbours, Anna and Tony, an elderly couple, stopped us and told Dad how rude I had been to them the previous day when they scolded me for running into the street without looking. Dad gave me another stern look and told Anna and Tony he was about to ‘take care of business right now’. Daddy was a very successful businessman, so he looked at this as just another task that had to get done. Anna and Tony both smiled, because it was no secret that I got spanked pretty often, and I was kind of embarrassed.

When we got in, Dad told me to get into his bedroom, which I quickly did. I stood at the foot of the bed, he came in and turned on the lights.

Dad sat on his side of the bed and said: “Come here.” He reached for my shoulders and pulled me across his lap. This was the first time I was being spanked on his side of the bed, as at this age it was more usually administered by Mom, on her side.

By this time I was being spanked at least once a month by Mom, usually 10 to 30 smacks very quickly delivered to the centre of my butt, then left and right cheeks. On this particular day, Dad and I were home alone, so he was about to do things ‘his way’.

He secured me by holding me across his left arm very tightly. I was perfectly positioned over his lap, with my feet off the ground and my head down. No resistance was possible.

Dad slowly and powerfully smacked the centre of my bottom and didn’t deviate at all. He started to scold me during my spanking, but I didn’t hear him because my usual reaction to any spanking I got was to close my eyes and pretend I was somewhere else.

I went completely limp and relaxed all of my muscles – I figured there was no use in resisting and the sooner I got it over with, the better. I was preoccupied by how much my bottom was burning and praying it would be over soon. Besides, Mom had never talked to me during a spanking – just before and after. 

After what seemed like forever, Dad stopped and said something, but I didn’t answer – I just lay there, trying to take my medicine like I always did. Dad was annoyed with me and squeezed my sore behind with his hand to get my attention.

He said: “You are still not listening to me – I’m going to spank you again.” I was horrified and thought this was so unfair as I never got scolded during a spanking before. I was hoping that Mom would come home now and possibly save me – naturally, that didn’t happen. So this time, I listened carefully to my father as he scolded me between each round of half a dozen smacks…

 “I am getting very tired of you not listening to me and mommy.” 

“I am sick and tired of people telling me that you are rude to them.” 

“Every time that I have to spank you, it is going to be worse than ever before”. 

“You are a bad boy, and bad boys need good spankings”. 

“I will spank you every time you don’t behave – do you understand?”. 

This time I yelped: “Yes Daddy!” He spanked me a few more times, then asked again: “Do you understand?” This time I pretty much shouted my obedient response.

Dad must have pulled his right arm as far back as he could – he gave me one last butt-shattering smack that was so hard I jolted forward.  He stopped and let me lie there for a few minutes.  Finally, he said ‘OK’, lifted me up off his lap and looked at me. I was so scared but I gave him my best teary-eyed look.

Then he said: “We are going back outside now and you are going to say you are sorry to Anna and Tony – understand?” Of course, I responded ‘yes daddy’.  We went back out and he took me next door. He told Anna and Tony that I wanted to talk to them. I told them I was so sorry for being bad and it would never happen again. Everybody was very happy now, and Daddy was very proud of his work. 

I should add that my Speedo was a holdover from the previous year, and it was very tight. Much later I saw pictures of me in it, and it looked like I was wearing a bikini – thanks, Mom! Looking back, I believe there must have been considerable evidence on my backside below the Speedo that revealed that a good spanking had been received.

One interesting thing: having seen pictures of my father as a child, I noticed that we looked almost like twins. We also had the exact same name – first, middle and last. Everyone called me Little Eddie, while Dad was called Eddie as a kid, but Edward as an adult. 

My Aunt Gracie was 12 years older than dad and basically raised him when he was a child. She spanked Dad quite a few times when he was growing up, and she also subsequently spanked me. Aunt Gracie once told me that my butt ‘is as cute as your daddy’s was’.

I have a feeling that dad spanking someone who looked just like him as a kid brought back memories of his own experiences with Aunt Gracie. He certainly didn’t hold back at all, as I guess he figured that if he got spanked hard, I deserved to get the same.

This was one of three different times I got a daddy spanking in my Speedo during the summer. Two were just him and I, home alone, and the other time was in front of my little brother – who was so scared by witnessing it that he never really misbehaved enough to get a sore bottom. Some things you just never forget.

Contributor: Eddie

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