The three women

By the time I was 12 years old, I had already developed a spanking fetish. In addition, I also had a big thing for women’s bare feet, and feet in leather sandals.

In one of the neighbouring houses to my own lived three quite mature ladies – Pearl, Nita and Julia. None of them had ever married or had children. They often had me over to the house to help with various chores, in return for a little pocket money. My duties included yard work, running errands and even sometimes helping in the kitchen.

As I say, I was rewarded for my work and the ladies themselves were perfectly pleasant, but I was always on edge whenever I saw one of them barefoot or wearing leather sandals. I would imagine getting spanked bare bottom by one or all of them, over the sun room couch or in the pantry, with one of those hard sandals. I would feel myself getting an erection, which I then had to do my best to conceal.

Finally, one day it was too much for me to bear and I sneaked into the sun room, took down my pants and undies, and began playing with my penis. Who knows how long this would have gone on but without warning Pearl came into the room and caught me right in the middle of masturbating.

The other two ladies heard the ruckus and came in to see what the matter was. Pearl told me I was a ‘disgusting little boy’ who should go home and never darken her door again. However, the other two ladies intervened. Julia said: “I suppose it’s only natural for a boy of his age but he should definitely get a spanking for it.” Pearl and Nita nodded in agreement.

“Well, young man,” said Pearl, looking me in the eye. “What’s it to be?” I loved going to that house, and the money came in pretty handy too, so I told her I was prepared to take my punishment there instead of being dismissed.

“All right, mister,” Pearl replied. She sat down on the couch, took off her right sandal and called me over to her. My clothes were still down and despite the shock of what had happened, my small penis was still in a state of excitement. Pearl took me over her broad lap, hitching her skirt up and parting her bare legs so my stiff little wiener could slip between.

She held me tightly around the waist with her left arm, then with the right she began to apply the sandal to my bare fanny. It hurt far more than I had suspected it would and it wasn’t long before I was crying like a baby and begging her to stop. However, she kept on chastising me until she was satisfied I’d had enough.

“Now, pull your pants up and get on with your work,” Pearl said. All three women had quite flushed faces – Pearl partly from the exertion of administering a spanking, and the others no doubt from the excitement of seeing an attractive young lad have his bare bottom throughly tanned in front of them.

As I got on with my work, all three women gradually retired for a while to their own rooms. Looking back now, I think I know what they were doing in there.

Contributor: Johnny

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