Streaking and my sister

When I was about nine, my 17-year-old sister caught me streaking in the backyard. She gave me two options: either she would tell Mom what I had been doing – which would almost certainly have resulted in a sore bottom for me – or I could have a spanking from her instead.

After thinking about it for some time – maybe because I was already embarrassed enough without wanting Mom to know as well – I decided to take the spanking from my sister. Since I was already naked, it was obviously going to be a bare bottom punishment.

We went inside, my sister sat down on a nearby stool and over her knee I went. She started smacking me with her bare hand but after a few swats it must have stung her palm too much. She told me to get up and fetch her a wooden spoon, which was what Mom always used on me when I misbehaved.

Despite the sting, and maybe because my bottom was already quite well smacked, by the time I returned with the spoon I was not quite hard but I was certainly close and my sister definitely noticed the state of my penis. She had to move her knees apart so I could go across her lap with any comfort, and then she started the spanking again, this time with the spoon.

After what seemed like an eternity draped over her knee being spanked, my sister told me that that was enough, and she ordered me to get up. I suppose she expected me to throw my clothes back on at this point, but I did not. She said: “All right, Lee – if you like being naked, I don’t have a problem with that – you’re just my little brother after all. But don’t you run outside again in the nude, and don’t mention this to anyone else.”

A few weeks later, my sister and I were alone in the kitchen when she suddenly asked me if I had still been streaking. I hesitated for a moment but then admitted I had – there was something deliciously ‘naughty’ about it which gave a kick to my burgeoning sexuality.

Upon hearing this, she put on a stern face and said: “Well, young man, it seems to me you deserve another sore bottom, then. Go up to my room and wait for me.”

I obeyed, my heart pounding with excitement but still at a bit of a loss as to what was really happening. My sister came into the room a few minutes later and said: “Why aren’t you naked?” I blushed and my hands went to the zip of my pants, then my sister said: “Wait – I forgot the spanking spoon – be ready when I get back.”

Fumbling a little, I took off all my clothes except my underpants. I wanted to pull them down in front of her. As she came back through the door, I put my thumbs into the waistband and there I was, naked again in front of my sister. I was wearing nothing but a smile. My sister smiled back at me and showed me the spoon. “This is for naughty boys,” she said.

She sat down on a chair and I delicately went over her lap. Then she used the spoon effectively on my bottom for quite a few minutes.

This secret routine between my sister and I went on for several more years, with some interesting close calls, until she got married. In the end, I supposed it boiled down to a happy combination of a big sister power trip and my love of being naked – and spanked.

Contributor: Lee

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