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I read recently that someone doubted the truth of stories of corporal punishment experienced by girls at school beyond primary school, suggesting that these were actually the fertile imagination of guys.

To be fair, it is a fact that a significant proportion of anecdotes involving girls and sex or spanking are written by men who probably get a kick out of it, sometimes even pretending to be girls themselves. In my humble experience, I tend to find that one giveaway is that guys tend to concentrate on the intimate aspects of these stories, whilst girls often tend to skate over such matters.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that all stories about girls receiving corporal punishment in secondary schools – even in mixed company – are fictitious. If you surf the internet as much as I do, you’ll encounter a number of experiences which actually sound quite authentic.

One girl cheerfully admitted that she used to deliberately forget her games kit, knowing that it would mean three whacks over her knickers with a gym shoe (known in British schools as the slipper), which she found preferable to doing games in freezing or wet weather.

I think it was the same school which offered the pupils, both boys and girls, a choice between detention and a three-stroke slippering in front of the class for forgetting their homework. Many pupils of both sexes chose the slipper! It appears that there was little embarrassment attached to the punishments, as they occurred so frequently.

In single sex schools in this era (1950s to 1970s), the spanking and caning of girls was more widespread, especially in private, independent schools.

Back in the 90s, I corresponded with a South African nurse who had a keen interest in spanking. You’re probably aware that CP in South Africa has always been quite common, and may well still take place, for all I know.

My correspondent had attended a boarding school where the strap (on the bum, rather than the hands) was quite common. She was strapped by her housemistress on a number of occasions.

This lady’s most memorable punishment came from the headmistress after she’d been caught out of bounds with a young man by a duty mistress. It wasn’t quite ‘in flagrante delicto’, but would definitely have been in another few minutes, she told me.

Before the punishment, the headmistress asked the girl ‘if she was fit’ – a delicate way of ascertaining whether she was on her period. Another girl on another website went out of her way to get caned by the headmaster, but was also asked this by the Senior Mistress before the punishment.

An answer of ‘no’ meant the punishment being postponed for a week – but confirmation from Matron was required! My correspondent suffered 10 strokes of the cane in skimpy, non-regulation knickers for her transgression – but she went on to become Head Prefect in the future, and climaxed during the punishment!

When stories about teenage girls involve their knickers being lowered and being punished by a guy, without the question of them being ‘on’ being broached, I’m inclined to dismiss it as fantasy.

Although I attended five different schools in my childhood, both state and independent, and witnessed spankings on a number of occasions (I’ll write about these on another occasion), I was only once present when a girl in school uniform was punished.

This was my sister, at home. I’d estimate her age as being about six at the time. I should say that our parents rarely spanked – our mother’s normal method of correction was to grab our hair and yank it. It was a short, sharp shock and over in seconds, and I gather it was something her own mother had used as discipline. 

On this occasion, I don’t recall what my sister had done wrong. Maybe she’d ‘answered back’ (something which definitely wasn’t tolerated) or possibly she hadn’t changed out of her school uniform. But I do recall her being spanked with a plastic spatula in a standing position with her navy blue knickers down and her school skirt held up out of the way. I was reading a comic or book nearby, dying to look, but thinking that I shouldn’t…

Contributor: Andy

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