Smoking hot hairbrush

When I was 14 or 15, in the early 1970s, I had secretly taken up smoking. I thought I was pretty grown-up – until the day my grandmother caught me at the habit.

I often went to stay with my grandparents when my folks went out of town on a trip. I was certainly no stranger to corporal punishment – my parents firmly believed in spanking, which was always given bare bottom with either my mother or father’s hand. As I got older, these spankings sometimes finished up with a dose of the ruler or wooden spoon across the tops of my thighs, so I would remember my punishment whenever I happened to sit down during the next few hours at least.

My mother had been raised strictly by her own mom, getting the hairbrush on her bare bottom as she grew up, and she warned me that my grandmother wouldn’t hesitate to give me the same if I got in trouble while I was staying with them.

So when grandma caught me smoking in the back yard, it wasn’t much of a surprise to be told to present myself in the living room for a spanking. This meant the hairbrush.

When I got there, both my grandparents were there, sitting on the couch. I was ordered to bend over my grandmother’s knee. I obeyed, my bottom facing my grandfather, who handed my grandmother the hairbrush.

Without speaking further, she turned up my skirt and started spanking me hard on the seat of my panties. It was really painful and I squirmed, kicked and cried.

Eventually grandmother slid down my panties and I was by now not only crying from the pain but from the humiliation, knowing my grandfather was seeing everything I had, as I kicked and screamed. I know he saw everything because he eventually held my legs still to help me take my punishment properly.

The hairbrush produced the most vigorous, heated spanking I had ever received. The punishment was not overly long, but my bottom was crimson and throbbing from the heat coming off it by the time my grandmother had finished with me.

After I had been thoroughly spanked, I was given a big, long scolding, then I was put in the corner for a while, my sore bare bottom on display.

I never got another spanking at my grandparents’ but that dose of the hairbrush stuck in my mind for a long time.

Contributor: Lilly

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