June’s promise to Mum

When I was about 13, my mum got a job at a local factory working late shifts. My dad regularly worked away, so on these occasions I was looked after by a friend of my mum’s, a lady named June.

June was quite an attractive full-figured woman, with large breasts and a warm, caring face. I remember my mum talking to June about looking after me and telling her to feel free to give me a smack bottom if I was a naughty boy. I was horrified as June looked over at me and said: “Oh, don’t worry, Joan – I will!”

It was not long until I found out that June had meant what she said. My mum was working overtime on this occasion so I was staying overnight at June’s home, in the spare bedroom made up for me. I had finished school as normal but myself and some friends decided to play football on the school fields. Before we knew it, it was nearly dark, so we beat a hasty retreat to our respective homes.

As I approached the house, I saw that the outside light was on. June was by the front door, and when she saw me, she came running out and grabbed my hand. She asked me where I had been. I told her the truth and said I was sorry.

June’s face no longer had that warm, caring look but was flushed with anger. She took me indoors, smacking my bum on the way and telling what a naughty boy I was for making her worry so much.

I was told to go upstairs, get into my pyjamas and get into bed. As I passed her, June smacked my bum again and said: “I’ll be upstairs in a minute to deal with you.”

As I got changed for bed, June’s promise to my mum about smacking my bottom was running through my head. Those words: “Oh, don’t worry, Joan – I will!”

As I got into bed, I heard a noise downstairs as if something was being moved. Presently, I heard June’s firm step coming up the stairs and when she entered my bedroom, she was carrying a dining room chair. She placed this by the window and ordered me to get out of bed and come to her. As I did so, she pulled her skirt up, as my own mum did when she was about to smack – I think this was something many mothers did in case the child had an accident while they were being spanked.

June told me: “You had me worried sick! You have been a very naughty boy, and you’re going to get a good smack bottom!’ She pulled down my pyjama bottoms, which you can well imagine made me blush. It was bad enough Mum seeing my penis at that age.

I was put firmly over June’s stockinged lap and then the smacking began. June knew how to smack a naughty boy’s bottom, all right – she had a hard hand and the sting soon had me kicking my legs, quickly losing my pyjama bottoms. I was soon crying like an eight-year-old over his mummy’s knee.

By the time June had finished chastising me, the whole of my bum was red and sore, as were the tops of my thighs. However, by now I had stopped kicking and merely submitted to the spanking. I actually found myself enjoying both the warmth in my buttocks of June’s stocking thighs. To my complete embarrassment, I could feel myself getting an erection.

I think June must have also felt what was happening against her lap. The smacks slowly became tamer and more playful. She said: “If you’re a good boy for me from now on, I won’t tell your mum I’ve had to give you a smack bottom, all right?” I thanked her, said I was sorry and promised to be a good boy.

June kept me in the ‘spanking position’ for a while longer, still playfully slapping my bum as she asked me about school and what else I had been up to, besides playing football!

Contributor: Michael

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